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Life Ain’t Broke…

Last week I went to a friend’s house and me being a ‘non-tea’ person, her lovely mom offered to make me a fruit salad and I accepted. 981 more words

Inspirational Article

Go to Sleep

I really cant sleep right now, ive had a lot of trouble sleeping lately. I just cant help but feel like im always doing something wrong. 248 more words

Do not let pain make you hate.


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Some days this is really hard to do I know. But don't let what you're going through turn you into a hateful, bitter person. You are better than that. If you let your pain turn to hate, your demons have won. Don't let them win! - Vin

One Week To Go: How Do You Train?

Who likes the idea of a weekly trainings post with new ideas? I do! But I don’t think, that it is possible for one allone to find them all. 31 more words


5 Things My R.A. Taught Me About Life!



Like most of my fellow RA Fighters out there, my disease has been active for years before I received my “official” diagnosis. I have been dealing with the pain, fatigue, stiffness, and all the other fun symptoms this disease causes for several years.  543 more words

Grey - Ruby Rose and Chest Binding

I’m just numb, I just watched this and I just couldn’t gah.

Damn this hits close to home, it just makes it hard to be coherent.


Is anyone out there?

My dad died a year and a half ago, in two days my brother is moving to America, my mum has recently started dating someone, I was recently dumped, my best friend is too busy too see me and all my friends? 212 more words