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Assertiveness Info

Here is a resource to assist you in becoming more assertive. I really enjoy the tools on this site. One tool is from: http://www.cci.health.wa.gov.au/docs/Assertmodule%202.pdf , looks at the characteristics of passive, aggressive, and assertive communication. 1,131 more words

The Diet Woes

Ya’ll. I can’t tell you how thrilled I would be if I could have the spiciest salsa in the world with chips or indulge in the rich deliciousness that is Fettuccini Alfredo. 1,081 more words


Laid to rest

I have been delayed in my posting this week because I’ve been dealing with a soldier issue. Last Friday night I got a call informing me that one of my soldiers decided to end his own life. 699 more words


Super Exciting News!!!!!!

Hi everyone I just wanted to share some pretty exciting news! I am in the talks with and have been approved by (15 so far) different companies who are going to be sending me products for review and doing giveaways!   178 more words


Thursday Thought — How to Support an Abuse Victim

If you would like to make a significant difference in the life of an abused woman you care about, keep the following principle fresh in your mind:

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Supporting Victims

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A MUST READ for ANYONE who may at ANY TIME IN THEIR LIFE have a conversation of ANY length with a victim of verbal/physical abuse. (Note: verbal abuse always proceeds physical abuse in a relationship but verbal abuse doesn't always evolve in to physical abuse. I lumped them together to be inclusive of all victims).

The ways i coped with bullies...

Everyone has been bullied at one point in their lives, yet people still feel ashamed or embarrassed when it happens to them. It may happen at school, in public, at work or sadly at home. 311 more words