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Dear Friend

Dear Friend

dear friend, we are not even that close

dear friend, everyday I see you struggle

dear friend, I don’t know what to do… 48 more words

A Unique Show and Tell for School

A sample page of Helping in Action, an adventure based on Nick helping a baby lion in Africa, where he grew up.

Attention teachers and students!  163 more words

Helping In Action - Book


How do you go about finding new blogs to follow on this site? I don’t mean in the weird businesslike manner I’ve come across, but finding people who are interested in writing and reading. 519 more words

Home loan

My husband and I are trying to qualify for a very small home loan so we have our own place when little Emma comes. My husband has been out if the marines for about 1.5 years and gets the G.I. 105 more words


I have never been a fan of rodents (but for rabbits) and anything that crawls that includes roaches. So you can imagine my surprise on this particular day when I see this rat in MY HOUSE. 567 more words

Little taste of my book (In Progress)

Totally flustered about what to do next I knew it was me and me alone against the world and with $3.54 in my pocket and living out of my beat up Cadillac Eldorado with a quarter of a tank of gas, this day would not be easy, this journey to nowhere was at my door. 394 more words


Too cool for schooollll

At school, you may have had the best time of your life, or may have seen it as a means to an end and dragged yourself there day in, day out. 146 more words