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Job Searching ON-Line

So I had a bit of luck today I got a lead for an oil company having a job fair on wednesday. YEA!! I work at Olive Garden right now but it really never seems likes its enough.. 21 more words


the better way.

8:20 am on a sluggish, overcast Tuesday, and you just want to make your miserable-ass way to your miserable-ass work day. Suddenly, the announcement… the train is being stopped due to an onboard assistance alarm being activated. 547 more words

Recovery Motivation

recovery can be hard, its full with ups and downs, it doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female. 121 more words


The day 'hi' turned into 'not interested'

Yano,for a big part of my life I was just trying to get people to like me.It didn’t matter how,or if they were assholes or not,I just had to get their attention. 332 more words


Children's Hospitals National Foundation...

The most exciting news you’ve ever got! You’re having a baby… your own miracle to fulfil your lives. You start planning, buying things, reading and doing research about what might happen and you try to get ready for the changes that will come. 415 more words


Ease the Financial Burden

I have to travel out of town for treatment which gets expensive. If you would like to help me with these expenses, please use this link. 15 more words


Rabbis or Priests – How did Jesus treat them? 

       “Woe unto you, priests, scribes and pharisees, hypocrites! You stand 81 more words