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A Word For The Fallen

Something pretty tragic happened the other day. Not to me, but to someone very close to me. My little sister goes to University out of province and lives in a big house with 6 guys. 913 more words

Useful Narcissism

Welcome back everyone, to another session with me, the lovely FDr. Lily.

Today we will be talk about YOU and your self-love. No, not the type you need incognito browser for. 402 more words


Father Bob Releases 'Bob Walks'

Father Bob Releases ‘Bob Walks’ – YouTube.

Father Bob from Sth Melbourne Australia, is an absolute legend. His new project is to help the poor in Melbourne. 26 more words

Pointless Post.

I feel so crushed. I literally can’t stop crying. I’ve been in my bed all day wearing sweats. Lately, I’ve been making a list of all the things that I like on my iPhone, hoping that it would bring me some sort of.. 550 more words

My Biggest Fear

Here is my biggest fear; it’s that you are going to realize there might be something wrong with me. You are going to realize that my boobs aren’t big enough, and that my braces are a huge turn off, and that I’m way too short, and that I have thunder thighs, and that I am just awkward and quirky and weird. 128 more words

Be a father to your daughter.

Fatherhood is not complicated. Girls are not complicated. Want to be a better father to your girls? Here’s how.


Pay it forward

Yesterday, I was upset and crying and my friend Dillon gave me a hug and made sure I was okay and that made me feel so so much better. 147 more words