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Planning Overtakes Procrastination

Planning Overtakes Procrastination

By: Jodi Cross

Check Mate! I have declared war on procrastination! The piles have been building for months and my “to do” lists have a list of their own but nothing seems to get done. 207 more words

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Job Candidates Behave Badly

With the new flood of graduates on the market getting a job can be a rigorous process. The competition is steep for good jobs so you should always do your best to stand out, but not in a negative way. 511 more words


Student Jobs in Dublin

Before you ask, unfortunately no, I am not hiring staff at this time. During my time in college, I have had a few part time jobs, ranging from hospital porter to Global Relations Student Ambassador and everything in between. 378 more words


Powerful Words

I was playing on Instagram just now and one of the accounts I follow said something that really hit home for me.

“Be patient, be persistent, be purposeful, and most importantly, be present in the things you want to pursue.” – @itsbirdy… 72 more words

Mr. M

Accepting yourself.

It’s hard to accept yourself in a world that makes you feel like everything you do is wrong. Remembering the fact that you are unique, you are special is one of the most important things. 151 more words

Anti Bullying

Freshers' Week: A Beginner's Guide

Freshers’ Week is here! Offers have been accepted and students across Ireland have started preparing for university. Forms will have to be signed and returned, accommodation organised, there’ll be multiple trips to Ikea and basic cooking skills will need to be revised (edit: learned). 546 more words


How best to capture your adventures abroad

Going abroad for any space of time can be as overwhelming as it is enriching sometimes. New cultures, tastes, and sensations assault us, and it can be hard to take stock until you’re back home carefully choosing which photos to upload to Facebook. 552 more words