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Essay Writing's Crap and I Need A Nap!

Today I’m extra glad that I blog instead of vlog because I look so sleep deprived and messy it’s not the nicest thing in the world. 629 more words


Observations and Reflections

Looking back and reflecting on my prior post I have noticed that I am using this medium to complain and whine about how hard it is to be me. 573 more words

A problem with "The Jeremy Kyle Show"

I recently wrote to Jon Millership, producer of the ITV1 daytime television show “The Jeremy Kyle Show”. This is what I wrote to him:

Dear Jon Millership,

377 more words
Helpful Advice

Why you should definitely study abroad

Ellen is one of the Trinity Global Room’s student ambassadors. She is originally from the US.

It’s your junior year and all of a sudden all people can talk about is college: college visits, Greek life, the importance of soft serve machines in dining halls, which SAT practice books will get you 2400, the best college towns and of course the inordinate amount of money US schools cost. 581 more words


Why I'm Glad I chose my course

When I first chose to study English at Trinity I encountered the question almost every humanities student will face ‘what are you going to do with that?’ It’s a fair question to ask, although it can get a bit wearing when it is asked for the seventh time at a family gathering. 445 more words

Student Life

Trying to move on but its hard.

So I know we haven’t been here for a while, we’re both going threw a healing process of our break up. We learned that yes we are single and should date again or not. 377 more words


Planning Overtakes Procrastination

Planning Overtakes Procrastination

By: Jodi Cross

Check Mate! I have declared war on procrastination! The piles have been building for months and my “to do” lists have a list of their own but nothing seems to get done. 207 more words

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