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Rise to Recovery

After much thought on the subject I have decided to attempt to do some fundraising. You might be thinking, “fundraising? for what?” Well, let me start off by saying that no matter what you might be thinking, this is actually a very legit and heartfelt project. 1,402 more words

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 Flashback, middle school, a difficult time for most preteens and I was no exception. I desperately wanted to fit in(especially since I wasn’t in the same classes as most of my elementary school friends); this resulted in one shaving eyebrows incident and lying about my sexual experience(which at this time, I haven’t so much as held hands with a boy, hell, i didn’t even hug a boy(that i wasn’t related to until the seventh grade). 419 more words

Summertime Party Planning

Summer is on the way and for some people that will mean party season is here. For others it is just simply a time when they will party too much and find themselves in an even deeper hole. 1,376 more words

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Advice: Request Paper Copies Of All Lab Results

Over the last 2 to 3 years, I have learned a very powerful lesson. When the doctor runs labs on you and his/her assistant calls you to tell you the results, never rely on the info the assistant is giving you over the phone. 743 more words

Dealing With Doctors

The Heroin Train Wreck

What is it about certain drugs that makes them so hard to beat? Why are they so dangerous and what is the reason so many people get hooked? 2,127 more words

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4 Steps for Motivation

I really, really, REALLY hate being the only one inside of my household who has enough “guts” to touch the dirty dishes that have been sitting since the beginning of the weekend. 344 more words

4 Steps

Dream boards, i.e. Vision Boards

I have, due to my desire to get what I want NOW, taken to the idea of “Power of Suggestion,” and I don’t know about how accredited this theory is, by that I mean I don’t know if there is a whole stack of statistical evidence backing this theory, but damn does it alter the mind of the person who is using this method. 391 more words