Restaurant Quality Stock at Home - Momo's Meals

Momo’s Meals Free Range Chicken Stock and Beef Stock is cooked slowly to extract maximum flavour.

With no added yeast extracts, MSG or any other flavour enhancers, this quality stock is made using the best fresh ingredients, including locally sourced premium free-range chicken and meat, and the freshest vegetables and herbs. 38 more words

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Realistic Expectations

I am working on the last chapters of The Omphalos of Delphi. I might not make the deadline for an October release. Even though this news is bothersome, it seems more practical to perfect the book. 236 more words

Helpful Hints: Toll Account Rip Off and how to avoid it

Did you know if you tag doesn’t beep, you get a notice in the mail. That’s not such a big thing, or is it? There is an administrative fee which varies between states. 514 more words


Avoid paying too much for a home!

You’re house hunting & find a great home but it’s over your budget. Yet, you feel it’s a great deal & investment based on the comps. 49 more words


Black Diamond Watermelon From The State Of Texas

Want to taste the best watermelon in the world?

Try to get ahold of a black diamond watermelon from Texas.

Ice-cold, it’s crisp, sweet and very tasty! 11 more words

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Wrinkled, Dry Skin

You don’t have to have wrinkled, dry skin.

Since fancy, name-brand moisturizers are rather expensive to apply all over your body,  try using safflower oil! It’s high in antioxidant Vitamin E and it soaks right in. 8 more words

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Music Resources

Music Resources.

Alfred’s Music Publishing


Amazon.com Edna Mae Burnam’s Step By Step Piano Course

http://www.amazon.com/Step-Piano-Course-Book-Leonard/dp/1423436059/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8 qid=1361813983&sr=8-1&keywords=edna+mae+burnam+step+by+step

Bill Rice Ranch CDs, Sheet Music, Music Books: 182 more words

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