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H. pylori

One of the things we’ll be talking about tomorrow as we go through GI pathology is ulcers. The cause of most ulcers is a bacterium called Helicobacter pylori. 61 more words

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Wegener mnemonic

Here’s a nice little mnemonic for Wegener granulomatosis. 44 more words

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Cardiac stuff

There are some posts on Pathology Student about cardiac stuff that might be helpful: 76 more words

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Differentiation vs. dysplasia

I wrote a post on differentiation and dysplasia for my website Pathology Student a while back, and I thought it might be useful, so I’m reposting it here. 537 more words

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How to Use Twiends to Get Twitter Followers

The biggest challenge of most Twitter users is getting more followers. Unless you’re a celebrity or you are otherwise well-known enough to have a large existing following, you’re relegated to being like the rest of us… a ‘regular’ person trying to stand out among the masses. 424 more words


A Few Helpful Resources on Suicide for Families

Are you a parent, grandparent – or some other family member – who has been impacted by the suicide of someone you loved? I just finished a three-part series on suicide discussing the warning signs and a simple three-step strategy of suicide prevention, QPR, that is saving lives. 544 more words

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