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A Resource on Suicide for Parents

Did you know National Suicide Prevention week starts tomorrow? Authorities state that: “Every 17 minutes in America someone commits suicide.”

Because my daughter has been on the verge of many dark nights when only God held back her hand from ending her life, I know how difficult it is for a mom or dad to understand what it’s like to be suicidal, then find a way to function while this dark cloud hangs low over their heads. 526 more words

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Cell injury summary

Here’s a little summary of cell injury that you might find helpful.

To sum it up even further:

Four cell structures are especially vulnerable to injury: 203 more words

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When Caring Takes Courage: A MUST HAVE Caregiving Guide

As I sit down to write this long overdue piece, I can’t help but be struck by how many wonderful people I’ve met through dementia advocacy. 986 more words

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Addressing College Sexual Assault in Rhode Island

If you read the paper or have turned on the news lately, you know that addressing college sexual assault is a major priority, from the White House on down. 506 more words

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What does Grumpy Cat have to do with tomorrow's lecture?

Well, not much, really. Except if you want to know how your body heals from a cat scratch, tomorrow’s lecture will be enlightening. Here’s a… 25 more words

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A Blog to Follow...

The Good Christian Music Blog: Dedicated to highlighting great music of all genres written by followers of Christ.

Fellow Word-pressers probably already know about this blog, but for those of you that follow Boasting in Weakness outside of our little “Word-press World”, this blog is… 94 more words


A Caregiver's Guide to Caring

I’m very pleased to present the following guest post by author and health care consultant, Anne Hays Egan.

Caring List

by Anne Hays Egan… 501 more words

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