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I have a student with this same dx on my caseload. She started 2 years ago spending a lot of her time screaming under tables and against walls in the classroom. 427 more words


Gaming for Extra Life 2014

Dear reader I am gaming it right now for Extra Life Fundraising Page ALL money raised from my page goes STRAIGHT to the Los Angeles Children’s hospital, I don’t see the money or card information. 45 more words


Best dad ever, he surprised me with "Destiny" for my PS4(10/20/14)

Dear reader my dad is awesome he surprised me with “Destiny” for my PS4.
He said it’s so I can stream it for Extra Life game day on the 25th(Yes, dear reader I will play it sooner as well). 83 more words


My Extra Life Fundraising goal x2(10/20/14)

Dear reader we hit $250 raised so far on my Extra Life Fundraising Page.

*Does a happy dance in my bed*

Dear reader, this is the 2nd fundraising goal we have hit(The first was $200). 213 more words


Do you have a Twitter?

Dear reader do you have a Twitter? If so can I ask you to please Tweet about my Extra Life Fundraising Page?

Please don’t laugh at dear reader however I don’t have one and to be completely honest here I don’t want one, I am not good at sayings things with 140 characters or less. 70 more words


Do you have a PS4? Do you want to game it with me?

Dear reader I am looking for people with a PS4 who would want to game it with me or chat with me on the 25th for the… 78 more words

Gamer Girl

What can you do?

Note to reader: The following post is just something I have been thinking about I am NOT trying to judge anyone or make anyone feel sorry for me. 358 more words