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How to Identify if Your Child is Being Bullied (or is a Bully)

Bullying is a problem that can occur at any age. It is not limited to just children in school; it can also affect adults in the workplace. 676 more words


Back to School: How to Start Off the School Year Right and Help your Child Adjust

The start of school can be bittersweet. It means the end of summer freedom, but many children (and parents) are ready to get back into the structure and routine of the school year. 645 more words


Have You Hugged Your Child Today?

A 12 year old boy stabbed a 9 year old boy on the playground Monday. ¬†This baby went and took the life of another child because he felt “like nobody loved him”. ¬† 131 more words

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Follow your passion and become an inspiration!

Life is an adventure, and each day we are given is an opportunity to embrace our blessings; to be thankful.

Over the weekend, my friend J and I went on a drive up the coast to check out Kalopa State Park. 115 more words


Building Self Esteem One Day at a Time

Having a healthy sense of self-esteem can support children as they get older and face challenges in life. They build more confidence by knowing that they can overcome and succeed. 595 more words


Cards for Danny

Author: Jane Benning; Writer, Inner Glow Magazine

At Inner Glow Magazine, we believe that it is important to reach out to our fellow man and to put out as much positive, nurturing and uplifting energy as possible. 145 more words

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