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My Daughter - A Tender Heart for Others

So my last post was about how we were able to see God working in my son’s heart at the fair last week as he dealt with disappointment and worked on having a good attitude in spite of it.   1,430 more words

My Love Brings Peace

As you know, the guidance I give is for your health and well-being.
Everyone craves peace, love and joy in their lives.
As you live My ways they bring the abundant life you desire. 197 more words

Pen Pals

As I wrapped up another long day at work this evening, I was more than ready to head home, but there was one more very important piece of paperwork that I needed to complete. 

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Inspiration of the Day- Kendall Ciesemier

I watched an Oprah: Where are They Now? special tonight that featured Kendall Ceisemier, an incredible young woman who, after watching an Oprah Christmas special about the AIDS epidemic in Africa and how it was affecting children, came downstairs to her parents with about $360 stuffed in an envelope (all she had) so she could adopt a little African girl who had lost both of her parents from AIDS. 298 more words

Words Of Wisdom

Recovery Means Turning Toward People

A few months ago, God put the perfect person in my life. If you were to meet us, you would quickly think that we have nothing in common but are instead exact opposites. 1,216 more words

Helping Others

In the meantime at the Centre...

While All Souls Festival at D’Arcy street has come to an end, the Centre is welcoming participants from all over the world.

People are meeting up with old friends and getting acquainted with new ones while folding paper money, handling registration, cutting grass, weeding the gardens and setting up the tables for meals outside.

Society News

Keeping what we should give

Actually I should have written the concept of biblical stewardship, but as usual, something always comes up in the last minute. The verses below (in NKJV) distracted me, and I have to find an easier bible translation to make my points clearer. 261 more words

Daily Murmuring