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We often hear about what man can do, what he can accomplish, his awesomeness and abilities. He can even decide to be saved and be saved. 336 more words


You know you love someone when...

They’re distressed for some reason, whether they’re sick, hurt, stressed e.t.c and you feel their pain.. You feel helpless because there isn’t anything you can do to take away the negative way they’re feeling. 26 more words


Bipolar much

I do know the psychological definition of being bipolar but at the rate I am going I certainly feel like the literal definition of the term “bipolar” when it is lightly thrown around. 358 more words



They went to school, never to come back

So many dreams that shattered too soon

Undeserving pawns in an all too vile game

Innocence dies as foolishness reigns. 236 more words


Life is a drum

Life is a drum. With a never-ending, steady beat. In times of despair the beat never slows down. Each dancer must keep up or risk getting left behind. 84 more words

Holiday Irritations

“Find a nice fat girl and you will never go hungry.”

I believe such advice has been quietly handed down, from one old bum to another.   649 more words

Everything Else

Confessions of a Sell-Out: I Didn’t Help My Fellow Sister

Racial discrimination in the workplace, whether you want to admit it or not, is still ever-present in today’s society. One would hope that our value to our companies would be solely based on our work-product or workforce experience and skills, but in an age where (in 2014!) we are still fighting for minority lives to be valued, it’s hard to expect such standard principles of equal opportunity at work. 588 more words

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