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Pills Aren’t Popcorn

My mom took epic amounts of pills. A few here, a few there, and sometimes great handfuls at once. Empty pill bottles rolled across the floor like tumbleweeds. 106 more words


sometimes, just sometimes.

i wish he would be the one that took away the cigarette between my fingers, taken it from my lips, and kiss me. 9 more words


Death to Drugs

I fiend for that feeling to ravish my veins; speed up my heart.
Pumping, beating.
The world is deceiving.
I’m high of the thought of you. 81 more words


Ed has taken over my life
Ed rules it every day
Ed rules it every hour

Ed is part of me
Ed is in my mind… 50 more words


Nail Polish Remover Kills

The screaming and boxing matches between my parents were too much for me. I was scared and sad all the time, and I had no means of escape. 135 more words


The Cat Pee Sauna

The smell of cat piss was awe-inspiring. It wasn’t just a hint of ammonia in the air. It wasn’t just a smell coming from the litter box. 119 more words


Little Lives

My brother and I went down with shovels–yes, shovels–to get rid of the ankle deep piles of cat shit in the basement. My mom locked the cats down there for days with big bowls of food and water, but no litter box.  136 more words