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Title (inconsequential)

As I write this, rescue teams are searching for survivors of the sunken ferry outside South Korea. As I write this, hundreds of high school students are missing, presumed dead. 43 more words


Indubitable Sun

Feels like an indubitable sun,

A state of helplessness by virtue of being here,

Fully exposed and on fire,

There is nothing but your light, 52 more words


Morning feels.

Good morning everyone! Moar feels! Feels all day!

Helpless – Rico Blanco


Tonsillectomy Day 6

Hi everyone.

I’m hating the world. Tomorrow is Wednesday which means day 7 of surgery? I think. Whatever.

This is the hardest recovery ever. I had my gall bladder out in January and I honestly wish I was going through that again. 310 more words


During the sweltering weather in a congested city, we began to tidy up the field of greenery. Saws and shovels and knives went through many roots and dirt as many of us dripped of sweat and desired water that day. 103 more words

Spilled Thoughts

"Hope is........................turning your misery into ministry"

Without hope we die inside.   I truly believe that Satan knows that if he steals any person’s hope he has them in his grasp until this person is dead and gone.  439 more words

No Connection... (AllahBey)

How many people have to be hurt by the cruelness of others? Countless voices crushed under the weight of society. The mental and physical raping of an entire generation. 276 more words