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Helplessness and hopelessness = depression. I’m not helpless or hopeless.

As you battle the NicoDemon, there may be times that it all seems hopeless and that you are helpless to continue on.  It’s not true.  You have the power and the tools to win your freedom. 71 more words

Quit Smoking Help

Sleep! (Fast or slow?)


Fast hypnotic inductions (yum). Slow, dreamy hypnotic inductions (mm).

I can tell you what each is like.


This is such a seduction. I don’t care if it’s for therapy or for just sexy, hot  “control me” fun, being drawn down the hypnotic stairs or watching the pendulum or being counted down or having every part of your body relaxed one limb at a time is a complete seduction. 1,359 more words



What do I feel? I feel like my veins are being pumped with drugs. Because I can feel the soreness and pumping in my veins. And I realized how hard it is trying to keep me alive, my blood that is. 122 more words



Cut open from throat to belly
A knife as thin as smoke and 3 AM
A lifetime of memories past and future turned their faces away… 52 more words

Dying Thief Accepts Christ as His Saviour

And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom.” (Luke 23:42)   


“To the last of His work Christ is a sin-pardoner. 352 more words


Yes.. I am a GEEK !

So yeah.. after coming to Boston.. The next chapter which comes is to socialize.. But for a matter of fact, if you choose to be a GEEK, let me warn you.. 1,008 more words

Cry Baby Diaries

*I can’t blame everything on PMS or what but gosh I’m like the biggest cry baby. Not that it’s a Friday night but almost every day or every night anytime doing anything…. 116 more words