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There’s a clear difference between actual physical pain from bodily ailments and psychosomatic pain from mental ailments. Yet, I find psychosomatic pain more debilitating. I have trouble sleeping, eating, breathing, living with psychosomatic pain because there are no treatments. 192 more words

The chains are locked and tied across the door...

“Helpless” was released on CSN&Y’s 2nd album, Déjà vu, in the winter of 1970. This was always my favorite track from this excellent album.

Déjà vu was greatly anticipated after the popularity of the first CSN album and given the addition of Young to the group, who at the time remained largely unknown to the general public. 350 more words


sleeping with a heavy heart.Cant do anything to help.Feel so … hais


Long Day At Work

Long day at work.

Passenger plane shot down.

Dozens of Australians dead. Mothers, brothers, doctors. A real estate agent. Neighbours. Passers-by. Coffee drinkers. A soy latte please, one sugar… 363 more words


I can not create.

I have never been able
to balance a bow
hoovering above eager

It is a mystery
to me.

I can not dance without… 52 more words

Poem A Day

The battle rages on

I can’t decide whether I am getting better, or whether I am getting to a point where I just care less.

Seems like a strange place to be in, mentally. 829 more words

Paper Faith

I apologize if this poem makes no sense- it doesn’t really make sense to me neither. I started this on a whim, two simple words that became one sentence, that became the ending, that eventually blossomed into the very first line. 350 more words