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In Honor of Thanksgiving: Words from a Worrisome Time.

In the spirit of being thankful, I am posting something I wrote when I learned my husband needed to have bypass surgery. It is raw and unedited so please forgive my typos and grammatical errors. 538 more words

The Imitation Game

“It’s been sold out for the last few days so it’s got to be a good film right?” – Jamie-Leigh at Crawley Cineworld.

Here’s what I thought: 377 more words

The Daily Draw: Eight of Swords

There is a theme to the higher-numbered sword cards that can be summed up as “you are your own worst enemy”. In the Ten, someone is experiencing pain, but not so much that they can’t over-dramatize it and make a bid for martyr of the year. 415 more words


Sharing is Caring

Day # 23: Today, you can be thankful that you are living in a land of plenty.

In spite of the economic changes in our country, we are still living in a land of plenty. 118 more words

Disowning Your Helplessness...Can You?

chasing your dreams aggressively allows them to become a part of your reality while alerting the Universe and all who are a part of it, and we all are, that there is no choice:  the dream is ours! 34 more words


The Power of Christ the King

Imagine four persons in a room. The first is a powerful dictator who rules a country. He commands armies, directs the lives of millions, and his wishes become law and are enforced. 395 more words


It Never Really Ends

I feel really stupid. I was so worried about the essays that are due, and whether I would be able to do it. Now, when I have half an essay left to write, I realize that when these are done, I’m going to have to be studying for finals. 279 more words