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Sway and Turn

Hollow eyes
Sway quietly
Frozen over and numb

At home
In the care
Of charitable winds
Drained of all color and sound

Beyond the clatter… 24 more words


It can all be terribly overwhelming watching the news these days. I am easily traumatized, easily plagued with images. The news is also slightly surreal as we seem to have access to so much of it. 231 more words

Poems And Thoughts

Right To Justice

Imagine. A summer night… Power cut. The A.C., fan, air cooler all shut. Unbearable heat…You make a call to the electricity office.

You hear a recorded message…”aap qataar mein hain… you are in queue, please call after some time. 143 more words

Center Spread

Go Away Daniel...

My only friend in the world was in my room when I came up from dinner. “I know what happened,” he told me. “It’s not your fault.” 795 more words

What This Town Needs Is A Maximum Security Zoo

Not only do prison inmates in Berlin get to unionize so they can push for a minimum wage and a pension plan, they also get to go on regular visits to Berlin’s famous Zoo called the , uh, Berliner Zoo. 73 more words


Black Holes

I think I see sadness,

Though my mind can’t translate it,

Eyes like oceans, lips red,

So inviting,

Yet so dry when I touch them. 79 more words


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Alexander LoundAt only 20 years old, Alexander Lound is relatively new on the writing scene.  Studying History at the University of Kent, he finds what time he can in between heaps of reading to escape into another world, to put pen to paper and allow his mind to run riot.  

Lound knew that writing would become his passion from a young age, when at 9 years old, ignoring his teacher’s instructions to write a story surrounding the plot of an already published book, he wrote his own from scratch - much to the teachers displeasure.  After losing interest in writing during his rebellious teenage years, he now has his head stuck firmly in composition again, spending days at at time on new works of poetry and fiction.

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How to recognize and get out of Emotionally abusive relationships?

Emotionally abusive relationships may appear to be happy and healthy to outsiders. A person who undergoes the trauma of such a relationship too puts up a bold front, hiding the pain till it becomes unbearable and unavoidable. 816 more words