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Wandering through the Alleyway.

She walked through the dark corridors

Of her past, reflecting on her future

Thinking of the dear, dear friend

She had crushed on for the entirety of her existence.

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How to Respond Well to T.V. Trauma

Yesterday morning, Albertans woke up to the tragic news of a senseless mass slaughter in a Calgary home.

I am NOT writing today to share some stupid opinions over why and how these things happen in our communities.   741 more words


I'm at my house

I was going to start this blog off by using the title, ‘I’m at home’. I am at home, I’m on extended sick leave (unpaid leave). 503 more words


Teacher stress, depression and suicide

It concerns me that so many teachers now talk of stress, depression, and  the need to get out of the profession for their health.   It is not light-hearted when teachers talk of being unhappy then add in “… thank goodness for the kids.”  Sometimes the children are all that are keeping a teacher going. 943 more words


We Don't Want To Ruffle Any Russian Feathers Here, People

European leaders have debated how to punish Russia for its actions in Crimea. But for many Germans, the key is not to ruffle Russian feathers. 32 more words


Running Around and Feeling Helpless

(Throughout the month, I’m blogging 20 questions from this month’s feature article in O magazine.) 

QUESTION 9- Am I Helpless? 


When I was clinically depressed, … 153 more words

Slice Of Life

A moment


 A dew of loneliness

The rarity of a moment

of helplessness

of anguish

of nostalgia

of darkness

the search for a lighthouse


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