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Silent Screams

Sadness fills her heart to the brim
Her whole outlook on life is grim
She tries to remain optimistic
But drowns in the sorrows
She can’t keep at bay… 128 more words



There is only one thing a blind man can be beside a weeping angel. I fear helplessness, doing and being able to do nothing. For me, this often means not being able to speak, unable to move or open my mouth, trapped in a silent frost like Han Solo. 2,298 more words


"If I Want, I Will Take Poland In Two Weeks"

Oops. I meant Kiev, of course

On September 1, 1939, the German army under Adolf Hitler launched an invasion of Poland that triggered the start of World War II. 84 more words


Drops of the ocean.

This world is killing you, murdering you, stabbing you, marking you, destroying you, exhausting you, crushing you and smashing you into a million pieces until you are completely numb. 384 more words


Sadness is the angry seas

This sadness is killing me.
It’s a constant wave of negative feelings that won’t retreat to the sea of depression.
Drowning me from happiness.
I reached out for help. 43 more words


The Unbearable Choicelessness of Choices (Rant)

If there’s anything modern overcaffeinated consumerist culture has successfully instilled in our minds it is the illusory benefit of having choices or options.

Day in and day out we’re bombarded with multiple options or choices of the same product disguised in different shapes and forms with little to no functional difference, all with their own set of sub-choices. 366 more words


Arctic Sea Ice Spiral Of Death?

Wat dann nun (well which one is it then)? Satellite images show that “the Arctic ice crust is melting faster than expected“or

109 more words