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learned helplessness does not help

as Stephen Covey said
you cannot talk yourself out of a situation
you have behaved yourself into
and conversely, we might add, 12 more words

German Balloonists Forced To Land In A Place Called Nebraska

They rose to 13,000 feet as they crossed into Kansas…

Ah, Nebraska weather — known killer of Sunday golf rounds, lazy days at Branched Oak Lake and a German couple’s hopes of winning an international ballooning competition. 22 more words


Hitler Coffee Creamer?

We’ve replaced their regular coffee creamer with Hitler Creamer. Let’s see if they notice!

Some coffee drinkers in Switzerland have been startled to find images of… 52 more words


Fleet Foxes – “Helplessness Blues” live in Austin City Limits

Because some days you’re in the mood for beautiful harmonies sung by bearded men.

-Michelle Farres


I Got Your Easy Rider For You Right Here

You’ve got it all here. You’ve got your German-Moraccan ISIS supporters getting arrested in Germany for trying to ship 7500 boots, 6000 military jackets and 100 military shits (130,000 euros total) to their pals in Syria. 98 more words


Only the rich can afford not to own cars

Context — I’m thankful that this is not the story of the rest of America.

With tea light lit beside my bedside glass,
I stay awake to browse the infinite… 92 more words

road warrior harries - October 17


exhausted nerves

airport veterans flee

to rooms, hotels,

booking desks

for any version


get me out of here.