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My First Footstep into the Wild World Web!!


Hi guys! My name is Ifrah (Iffi) and today is my very first post onto my very first personal blog. A few months ago, I was totally oblivious to the world of blogging and twitter. 95 more words


Hook and Depression


Depression is a very difficult thing to explain to people who don’t have it; partly because it’s different for everyone, but also because it describes an  766 more words

Private Fears in Public Places

So other than having an outlet for the endless monologue inside my head (I’m not crazy I promise!!) the purpose of setting up my own blog was to get feedback and inspiration for my writing. 138 more words

Back again

Well it has been a good few months but I find myself again back at my parents house like a child while waiting for the doctors to help me. 57 more words

Be positive

Wake up and say to yourself only good vibes! Look in the mirror if your struggling and say something you like about yourself! Have good vibes and see if you feel better at the end of the day! 11 more words

The Arrow Affect

step family

My step dad..

He’s a typical country type of Man. Ever since I can remember he’s been involved in my life. Growing up my mother and himself never hid the fact that he wasn’t my natural father, I have always referred to him as Lucky (a nickname from childhood) never have I once called him dad to his face.. 311 more words