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Be positive

Wake up and say to yourself only good vibes! Look in the mirror if your struggling and say something you like about yourself! Have good vibes and see if you feel better at the end of the day! 11 more words


step family

My step dad..

He’s a typical country type of Man. Ever since I can remember he’s been involved in my life. Growing up my mother and himself never hid the fact that he wasn’t my natural father, I have always referred to him as Lucky (a nickname from childhood) never have I once called him dad to his face.. 311 more words

Am I asking to much?

Why are people not understanding ?
I’m having an incredibly hard time dealing with a medical issue and I have only told two people, my counsellor and my ex. 450 more words



I’m actually shocked at the amount of breakage I’m having, its upsetting.

I went to a photo-shoot on Monday with my friend as we got it on a discount, the package was: refreshments provided, hair and make-up done on site, bring 4 outfits and you can get 4 photos on a disk for £50. 219 more words



I’m sick of it. I’m sick of being who I am and acting how I do. I’m sick of feeling like I don’t really have any friends, and that the ones I have never show appreciation to me. 380 more words

Damn you Friday the 13th

As I posted in my last blog, I wasn’t really worried for this horrific day. 13 is my favorite number. What could go wrong…

Yeah. No. 79 more words