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Helpmate or Hindrance?

It is said that “Behind every successful man, stands a strong woman”. If you support and gently encourage your husband, he can sometimes accomplish more in life than he would have without your encouragement. 483 more words

Loving a Discouraged Shepherd by Lisa Miller

Ministry hurts.  Working with people can bring a lot of ups and downs.  People reject truth…  Spiritual warfare is intense… God’s message will never be “popular”….  592 more words


Respecting Our Husbands as Fathers - Part 2

I am not going to have a lot of computer access this week. I will pop in when I can. Please feel free to discuss with one another and enjoy the fellowship, camaraderie, support, love and encouragement of one another. 900 more words

Godly Marriage

She Is Worth Far More Than Rubies

Rough rubies, sell for about $900-$7000 for a small bag of them.

A wife of noble character who can find?
She is worth far more than rubies. 1,304 more words


I'm At Your Retention

I told my husband that I was at his disposal the other day and then I thought to myself, why do we say that? I’m not here to be thrown away. 50 more words


How to Be a Perfect Pastor's Wife

In our current ministry my husband co-pastors with another man.  My husband, who is also president and a teacher at a small Bible college, handles the preaching and his co-pastor takes care of the rest of the ministerial duties.  901 more words