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Berry Delight Overnight Oats

One of my go-to breakfast choices has always been overnight oats…it is just so easy to prepare and is ready to eat when you open the fridge!  215 more words

Nut Milk 101

Making my own nut milk seemed intimidating when I first started this path, but I’m here to tell you it’s EASY and worth it!!!  You can avoid store bought added preservatives and have a by product that is useful for making desserts! 274 more words

Homemade Hemp Milk

PLANT PROTEIN! It’s what I’m all about. Super simple recipe for homemade hemp milk that’s dairy and nut free, and packed with omegas and healthy fats. 81 more words

It's Time To Milk Your Options

Lately, we have seen an influx of milk alternatives flooding the scene. With the array of options from Soy to Rice, Almond to Hemp, we have come to realize that making the choice about which option to pursue has become a rather dizzying task. 670 more words


Hemp Tofu

As a vegan, it’s easy to eat A LOT of soy. Actually, these days, it’s easy to eat a lot of soy even if you’re an omnivore. 753 more words