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Inzikhism, Imagism, and Visionary Modernism

The following is excerpted from a talk I gave at the ACLA’s 2014 Conference in New York.


Although the reaches of American and European Modernism most certainly extended to the Jewish-American urbanites of the inter-bellum period, little mainstream critical attention outside has been paid to these Yiddish-writing Modernists. 2,762 more words


The Man of Reason: Part Three

In the eighteenth century there took place a revaluation of the emotions which, in the previous century, as ‘the passions’, had been considered a disturbance to reason, because of the ‘mind’s’ union with the body. 723 more words


On American Hustle, Goodfellas, Derrida, And More!

Descartes is, of course, one of the great thinkers of being. And it’s no coincidence that he invented (whatever that means) analytic geometry. Now, I have no doubt that the mathematicians amongst us will furrow their brows, at once singular and collective, but I want to say geometry is the study of shape in three dimensional space — you know, points and lines and tangents and polygons and such. 828 more words

To Exist Is to Change

In some cases, it is natural mortality, as the product or service is no longer needed, but the secret reason rarely mentioned is the reluctance or inability to adapt to change. 199 more words

Faisal Hoque

The Philosophy of Plotinus: Part Three

Movement and rest in ‘thought’, the most intense activity and stillness in unity

The creative process is a result of illumination from the One which from its superabundance, overflows and generates its image, Intellect. 2,050 more words


The Philosophy of Plotinus: Part Two

Movement and rest in ‘thought’, the most intense activity and stillness in unity

The hypostases are interconnected, with Body having its existence in Soul, Soul its source in Intellect1 and Intellect its generation from the One. 2,480 more words


Darwin in Arabia

For the Times Literary Review, Robert Irwin writes:  The title Reading Darwin in Arabic notwithstanding, most of the men discussed in this book did not read… 1,054 more words

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