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The metropolis, money, and abstraction

What follows is an extract, some preliminary research, from an essay I’m working on with Sammy Medina. It’s in very rough form, and over-footnoted. Much of it will have to be cut. 2,072 more words


Henri Lefebvre on holiday - and other pictures

While looking for something else, I came across this picture of Henri Lefebvre on holiday with his then-wife Nicole Beaurain and daughter Armelle in the early 1970s. 58 more words

Henri Lefebvre

Seen from the Window - the view from my NYC apartment

I’m staying on East 12th Street (corner of Broadway) for the next few weeks. I am right opposite Strand Books… There is a grill over the window, hence the somewhat murky image.

Henri Lefebvre

Henri Lefebvre, The Critique of Everyday Life - One Volume Edition

848 pages of Henri Lefebvre - The Critique of Everyday Life: The One-Volume Edition.

Three volumes in one – the first volume comes from 1947, with a second edition in 1958 that almost doubles its length; the second volume from 1961; the third from 1981. 32 more words

Henri Lefebvre

Jonathan Bate on writing a biography of Ted Hughes - copyright, author estates and family members

A very interesting piece in The Guardian by Jonathan Bate about his writing of a biography of Ted Hughes. The issues are much wider than this particular case, and concern copyright, author estates and the role of family members. 19 more words


Some books on Lefebvre, for planners and geographers

There’s a bunch of books which recently came out, useful to grasp Henri Lefebvre’s legacy in urban studies and theory. Well, in recent times, planning and critical urban studies have been finding again the route for fruitful dialogues and the works of the French filosopher have furnished some of the theoretical concepts useful to underpin radical studies to institutional systems and policy analyses. 330 more words


Henri Lefebvre, Toward an Architecture of Enjoyment - online preview of introduction

The introduction to Lefebvre’s keenly anticipated Toward an Architecture of Enjoyment is available to read online at Artforum.

I will be interviewing editor Łukasz Stanek for the… 9 more words