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Forty years Since Henry Aaron's 715 Home Run

On April 8, 1974, Henry Aaron hit the 715 home run of his career to become the all time home run leader. He broke the record of 714 home runs held by Babe Ruth. 350 more words

No Allen West, Henry Aaron Doesn't Need A History Lesson From You.

In a week where we as a nation celebrated the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Civil Rights Act, a week where the President of the United States addressed a largely African-American audience on the importance of voting–particularly in the face of restrictive laws and rampant suppression– and a week where the Attorney General of the United States addressed that same audience on his unfair treatment by members of the United States Congress, including a Congressman from Texas whose knack for saying the most bigoted things imaginable is as common as the sun rising each morning, –I’m looking at you Louie Gohmert– the subject of race was in the news quite a bit. 1,374 more words

WANTED: A few hits...

At least 1 Baltimore Sports Fan ventured to Oriole Park at Camden Yards on Friday night to see Chris Tillman completely stifle the Toronto Blue Jays, yet still lose when the Orioles bats remained silent, and a Shakespearean tragedy unfolded in the infield in the fourth inning, when not one, not two, but three plays were not made.   410 more words


Celebrating Spiritual Oaks

With the hectic schedule of spring, I almost missed the fortieth anniversary of one of the most unbelievable events to occur in my lifetime—and along with it a spiritual discipline that is in danger of extinction. 668 more words


Serious Fun

I got reading this and I thought, Why not?

Like every American kid, when I was growing up, I loved baseball.  Like most kids who grew up where I did,  747 more words

Barry Bonds

Where is This Going?

As the first sentence of today’s post is being typed, the question of where is this post going to go is raised, and honestly – the answer is unknown… 419 more words


Henry Aaron remains the king

An unsuspecting man from Mobile, Alabama, with a quiet demeanor, and one hell of a quick swing broke Babe Ruth’s vaunted home run record on this date 40 years ago. 570 more words