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Running #499

I run the children come less and today they are not coming Mole has slunk away he is here but I cannot hear him I run I  263 more words

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…in 1860 the lights and shadows were still mediaeval, and mediaeval Rome was alive; the shadows breathed and glowed, full of soft forms felt by lost senses.  

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Snippits From Adams

“All the steam in the world could not, like the Virgin, build Chartres.”

I discovered Henry Adams late in life and wish I had done so earlier. 1,226 more words

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There Are Many Forms of Despair

I listen to the traffic traveling the expressway a little over a mile to the north I am sitting in my chair after a run waiting for the sweat to cease and dry in my fatigue I cannot formulate a better solution than to wait and listen I do not want to be alone a conclusion for which I have striven and chosen the images to assert my acceptance of it and its subsequent relevance which is not of much assistance I wipe my arms with a dry cotton towel I untie and remove my sneakers and socks the distant irregular hum of the cars fades off into the thicker traffic on the interstate the hot sunlight pierces the partially torn and curling paper shades I do not want to hear Mole that is not what I mean I make the arguments both ways I consider an alternative and opposite position but there is practically speaking no choice before me I have laid out the details as I endure the efforts and plethora of potential pitfalls that populate my consciousness that I consider as I see what has happened the events that have occurred the ones that might yet come I resume the process of analysis and explanation which is to say I record when the tasks are complete or are otherwise discarded or removed I catalog and file that which I cringe to remember and that which I fear is coming  224 more words

Literary Fiction

Is Christianity Dead?

My blog-buddy, BTG, recently took exception to my claim that Christianity is dead — or if not dead, then rendered irrelevant by modern life. I want to defend my claim somewhat in this limited space, though I would say at the outset that even if it is true that Christianity is no longer a vital force in our postmodern culture, there are certainly many good people who profess to be Christians and attend church regularly. 1,056 more words

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Some Actors Will Tell You All About Some Shipbuilding.

By Tim Smith

I used to have a friend (imagine that, if you will) that took part in re-enactments. She would go to fields at the weekend where all other people and stuff would dress up in period clothing and push and shove and generally re-enact a battle from a few centuries ago. 326 more words


The Education of Henry Adams

Perhaps the most unabashed case for rejecting Adams’ “inhuman” theories, however, comes from someone who actually takes them seriously. In his 1919 review of The Education… 175 more words