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Photo Challenge: Now Sits Expectation in the Air

Now sits Expectation in the air.
Shakespeare, Henry V

She is torn between curiosity and caution.  But, in another moment discretion became the better part of valor, and she bolted into the woods.

Photo Challenge:  Express Yourself


Theatre: Shakespeare's History plays from Druid

Druid today announced its major new event theatre project DruidShakespeare:The History Plays will have its international premiere in New York at the 2015 Lincoln Center Festival. 160 more words


2015 - what to expect in anniversaries

While 2015 is going to be dominated by the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign, there are a number of major non-First World War military-related anniversaries coming up this year. 361 more words



One of the most famous of all Shakespeare’s soliloquies must be Henry V’s immortal “St Cripsin’s Day” speech, but few know its special significance to a Southwark audience, in particular at the Globe. 935 more words


Saving The Prince of Wales

One of the most intriguing stories of the English medieval ages – and like most good stories this one is upfront and personal – involves Prince Hal (the future Henry the Fifth) and the Battle of Shrewbury that took place on July 21, 1403.   969 more words

Murrey and Blue: New Livery Colors for a New Regime?

Did the House of York, founded by Edmund of Langley, first duke of York, have distinctive livery colors?   Perhaps this is an unusual question to ask, because I’ve always been under the impression that those colors were murrey and blue. 873 more words

Detailed Synopsis for 'Henry V'

Prologue: The Chorus wishes he and the actors of the play had ‘a Muse of fire’ to inspire them to a production that would do justice to the story about to be told.  3,441 more words

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