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Noach - Shame, Drinking, Drugs, Towers and HIV

Parsha Noach – Week 2

The second Parsha of the year takes us on another epic journey through time; from Noah and the Flood to the Tower of Babel and the days of Abraham. 2,102 more words


A busy couple of weeks!

First thing- completely unrelated to fertility. Despite being educated and being a GP, it’s only within the last few years that I’ve realised what ‘a couple of’ means. 1,246 more words

New Day 1!

It happened. I got the call. Was I home surrounded by my family in a true Hallmark moment? Of course not. I was in the middle of Sam’s Club. 431 more words


Meet Hep-C

Photo source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Woman_wearing_earring_in_front_of_mirror.jpg

She was nothing but glamour, all the way down to her pleasure state lingerie. You were definitely punching above your weight. A girl like that wouldn’t be carrying anything, right?  297 more words


Day 84 - DONE!

All of the medicine bottles and boxes of injections are empty. Woohoo!

Grand total – 588 pills and 12 injections – DONE!

The best part? Knowing that I won’t have to do another injection on Friday night and feel lousy for a few days. 154 more words


Jefferson Award Winner Diagnoses Hope In The Midst Of An Epidemic

OAKLAND (KPIX) Hepatitis C is the most common bloodborne infection in the country. In fact, nearly two out of every 100 people have been exposed. This week’s Jefferson Award winner started a clinic in Oakland to help those infected with this liver damaging virus — a unique place where patients are not only changing their lives, but also a community. 378 more words


Vulcan trial to treat genotype 1 of Hepatitis C

Now that the clinical trial for treating Hepatitis C is all over, I’ve been receiving requests for information about I went with the trial. 2,540 more words