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October Update

Just in case anyone has been waiting with baited breath for an update, here you go: the NCCN (National Comprehensive Cancer Network) breast cancer panel met in late July, 2014 to discuss updates to their breast cancer guidelines. 288 more words

Oncology Technology

Breast Cancer Education: Breast Biopsy

Not all breast cancers are the same. A biopsy is needed in order to diagnose breast cancer. Once biopsied, cells are sent to a lab for a pathology report. 491 more words


Ports, Portia and Hoofing It Forward.

Portia was a champ for her inaugural run today!  (For those of you just stepping in to my journey here, ‘Portia’ is the name I’ve given to the chest port that was surgically placed inside me  just two days ago.  2,508 more words

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Biomarkers in Cancer Research: An Introduction

As a term, “Cancer Research” covers a broad range of scientific investigation. Many of us think of cancer research as the development of new drugs to treat patients – known as drug discovery research – but this is only a part of the field as a whole. 764 more words

Difficulty 1

Early morning thoughts and fears..

Good early morning..I have written before about my struggles.I have been on .Exemestane for 2 weeks now..it is the generic for Aromasin ..I seem to feel worse in the morning for several hours usually before I take it and a few hours after I take it..at first I realized I wasn’t taking it with food..and it said to do this on the bottle..otherwise I felt very sick to my stomach..and still do..then thru out the morning I would feel depressed..sweating( and it hasn’t been that warm out) lost of appetite but that part is good…since I have gained quite a bit of weight since 2 yrs ago..currently at this moment I feel ok..I guess I am wondering if I should stick this out? 404 more words

Living With Cancer

Chemo Date + Half a Dozen

Yesterday was an overwhelming day.  I did my egg retrieval in the morning then in the afternoon I met with my oncologist to set up my treatment plan. 587 more words

Fall Is In The Air And Chemo Is In My Hair

Today is another beautiful day here in northern California. Sunny, clear skies as the fog has retreated back to the coast for the bulk of the day. 673 more words

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