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Pineapple mint

Pineapple mint is a sweet smelling herb. It also is known as Mentha Suaveolens. The plant can spread quickly and grows  well in hanging baskets. It should be watered every other day. 22 more words

Herb Gardening

Mother Nature keeps us on our Toes

As many of us prepare for school to begin, we are preparing for the growing season to come to an end before we know it. Mother Nature keeps us on our toes, and we must be prepared for what will occur. 833 more words

Leftover Herbs | What Can I Do With Them?

Fresh herbs are a fantastic method to include flavor, color, and nutrients to many dishes. Yet just what do you do when your recipe calls for a simply few tablespoons, and you’ve still got a huge lot of natural herbs left over? 46 more words

Herb Gardening

My Garlic Harvest

I have been really busy the last little while, with taking care of my family and the vegetable garden. Since my children are on summer holidays, I try to keep them busy, as much as possible. 726 more words

Vegetable Gardening

Priceless Moments

After our CSA pick-up, we enjoy sharing about our evening and the conversations we had with all of you. We learn a lot from the time spent with each of you and appreciate the conversations and time more than you will ever know. 1,108 more words


I’ve had mixed results with home-grown garlic.  A friends was very mild, not to my taste.  But my mom’s two year old red russian garlic—that’s another story.   446 more words