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Winter Blues | Growing Herbs Indoors the Easy Way

Winter is upon on and, as we near the Holidays many only have a souvenir left of times when herbs were grown in the garden and a fresh supply was always on hand. 109 more words

Herb Gardening

Herbal Therapy

A fragrant wreath of dried thyme to hang in the kitchen.

What is Biodynamic Farming?

Biodynamic farming is based on the teaching of Rudolf Steiner, a renowned researcher, teacher, philosopher, and scientist.   The basic premise of his teachings is to treat the farm as a living being.   59 more words

Herb Gardening

Starting Your Own Medicinal Herb Garden

A great way to save money and have all the herbs for medicine making in your back yard.   Detailed descriptions on how to build and maintain your herb garden.

Herb Gardening

10 Best Herbs to Grow Indoors During the Winter

Winter may be with us for many months now but it doesn’t mean you have to go without fresh herbs all this period.

Some of you may have grown herbs in pots outside of your home last summer and many varieties of herbs will do just fine inside the home for the rest of the year once you transported these pots inside, of course. 36 more words

Herb Gardening

Book Notes: Three Old Favorites

By Debra Knapke

November is a time when I revisit books that are old, and sometimes forgotten, friends. We’ve all heard the dire pronouncements: books are becoming obsolete, the web is killing the publishing industry and more. 474 more words

Books Notes

Winter Thyme

German Winter Thyme.

Tucked into a few spots of the garden.

I love the upright sprigs of this flavorful herb.

I’m going to mulch these with a pile of insulating snow; 10 more words