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Time to talk about the miraculous wonders of thyme

Thyme is just one of those wonderful herbs that are almost magical in how they heal so many different ailments. It’s one of those great all-rounders that you should always keep in your medicine cabinet as essential oil, or as a herb in your larder.

Herbal Medicine

Herbs for fibromyalgia (and other chronic inflammatory diseases)

My life changed about 2 years ago.  I began to realize that the ‘normal’ aches and pains of being a woman in her late 30′s weren’t all that normal.  782 more words


Spring weeds, and the homestretch to gardening season

This is the reality of spring in Alabama: she’s a fickle tease or else just can’t make up her mind, and woe to the gardener that is lulled by the charms of a warm week into thinking winter is done.  432 more words


When herbal medicine use becomes herbal medicine misuse

The sales of herbal medicine products have climbed steadily over the past 30 years in the United States, most of those sales in just a few trendy herbs that come into fashion and then fade back.  616 more words

Being Frugal

Overcoming EMF Sensitivity

Overcoming EMF Sensitivity

- Tools to rebalance energy

- Spacial boundaries

- Denser, higher level nutrition

In 2004-05 my EMF sensitivity was so bad that if someone turned on fluorescent lights in an adjacent room I would not only feel it, but would suffer an energy crash until I started using herbs appropriately and eliminated some unnecessary sources of these emanations. 672 more words

Herbal Medicine

March Schedule

We have several opportunities to learn about late winter and early spring plant medicines in March. The Community Herbal Intensive begins February 23 and meets monthly. 344 more words