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What is herbal medicine?

Herbal medicine or Phytotherapy (plant-therapy) is the use of plants for medicine.  Herbalists use all parts of a plant, the root, flowers, bark, and leaves, and the medicine is taken either in a dried form, tincture, cream, capsule, or oil. 436 more words

Herbal Medicine

Food as Medicine

I thought I’d share this infographic that I saw today on NewHope360 even though it isn’t overly informative. It gives enough information to get one thinking about food as nutrition instead of just mindless pleasure, but not enough information to really astound anyone unless they happened to have never had an ounce of nutritional information seep through their brain ever. 291 more words


Oral Health Benefits of Green Tea (Guest Post)

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Green tea mouthwash may help ease pain caused by the swelling of oral tissue. 526 more words

Dental Health

Herbal Medicine: Ancient practice of home health care.

By Cameron Hawkins

Ayurveda, one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world, is still practiced throughout India. Instead of emphasis placed on treatment of the disease, as in Western medicine, Ayurveda treats the whole body through herbs, diet, exercise, and some lifestyle recommendations. 380 more words


Healcrest Introduces CSA for the Fall/Winter Season!

Community Supported Agriculture allows farmers to remain financially sustainable while connecting members to the bounty of seasonal, local food. Members buy a share of the year’s harvest at the beginning of the season and receive weekly boxes of in-season produce. 312 more words


Herbs In My Garden

This year I have planted quite a few different herbs in my garden areas, and this past week I have harvested and dried three of them.  1,295 more words