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Made a successful career in marketing :Gurukul Management & Marketing

There are a number of different roles, if you are interested in a career in marketing. You will find many opportunities in marketing, but all require a feeling of ownership over the product and the need to understand customers’ needs, so they can be communicated in a marketing strategy.  272 more words

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Herbal Intellect Episode 17: Digestive Disorders-Step 3: Tone!

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On this week’s show we will discuss:

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Natural insect repellents

Non chemical insect repellents:

  •  Method of Use: If you can get kerosene oil in your area. Use 5 – 10 ml of it in a bucketful of water and use this water for mopping.
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Herbal Medicine

Blood Stress Remedies - It's All About An Attitude To Lifetime

Diuretics are frequently recommended for eliminating excess fluid because a means to lower blood stress – they are equally selected to minimize the swelling inside hands plus feet (edema). 549 more words


Foods To Lower Cholesterol

There is constantly some truth to the untruths. Exercise plus every person’s body has different responses. It is not constantly true for all people. In which condition, it is not a lie at all. 432 more words



I want to start by talking about herbal medicines for hypertension, or high blood pressure.  According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), (1) over 33% of all U.S. 596 more words

Green Medicines

New Name for Our Products!

    We have changed the name of our Wild Hair Skin Creme and Lip Balm to

Surenuff Herbal Skin Creme and Lip Balm.We think that it more accurately… 47 more words

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