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Cholorophytom Borivillianum Medicinal Advantages

Safed Musli or cholorophytom borivillianum is actually a therapeutic plant, having compact, typically white-colored blossoms, created on scant panicles as much as 120 cm lengthy. In a few varieties of this plant, the panicle additionally carries plantlets, which often take origin while coming in contact with the floor. 459 more words

Herbal Medicine

Ocimum Sanctum - Natural Medicinal Herb Advantages

Tulsi or Ocimum Sanctum is grown all over the world as well as gets a space in every single Hindu residence and even in close to temples. 513 more words

Herbal Medicine

Emblica Officinalis Health Advantages

Emblic Myrobalan or Emblica Officinalis, which is also commonly called “Amla”, is the destructive force of all the so-called 3 extreme humors inside the body. 489 more words

Herbal Medicine

Importance of herbal skin care products

Most people are interested in leading a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle. For many, this means switching to products which are known to be all-natural, particularly for the good of their own health. 350 more words

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Myrobalan Belliric –Strong Natural Medicinal Tree

Baheda or Myrobalan Belliric is one among the three fruits of Triphala. It’s a big deciduous sapling popular in plains as well as lesser mountain hills area within Southeast parts of Asia, wherein it’s developed being a street tree. 430 more words

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Kalonji Oil – Medicine for Diverse Ailments

Kalonji Oil is widely seen as a wonder medicine for several health diseases within people in general. It’s refined from the compact healthy black seeds resulting from twelve-monthly floral plant known as Nigella Sativa and that’s why it’s usually known as the Black Seed Oil or… 377 more words

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Nigella Sativa Seeds Medicinal Background

Nigella Sativa or Kalonji is actually a hairy, self branching grow of approx 50 to 60 cm high. Foliage is split up into straight line section two to three cm lengthy; these are opposite in sets on both sides of the stalk. 463 more words

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