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A Close Call

Carl and I were enjoying an evening walk along the Rockfish River Trail when I nearly stepped on this snake. Copperheads strike without warning (unlike most other snakes) and are generally considered cantankerous. 163 more words


Before You Make Herbal Remedies

Before You Make Herbal Remedies

Make sure the herb you have is the herb that you want.

Although you may not wish to pop out into the woods to wildcraft your own herbs right now, you may wish to do so at another time. 294 more words

Daily Posts

It appears I am haute cuisine...

At least for the midge, mossie and horsefly population of Nottinghamshire, England.  Good grief, I am being eaten alive this year!  What is new however, is that I am having reactions to the bites and my legs (apparently, they are the tastiest part!) are all red, angry and blotchy with the allergic reaction to whatever it is that the little beasts inject when they suck my blood.   455 more words

Herbal Remedies

Bladder Ailments

Many of you at one point in time have experienced a UTI. They aren’t fun. But you also have had your dr. prescribe cranberry juice. But have you ever wondered why?  380 more words


Foraging for Food II

      Late summer and fall is rife with goodies that you can forage to use throughout the winter.  Apples are a great example.  I live in the country, and so often I see trees near the road or in people’s yards with a ton of apples laying on the ground going to waste.  893 more words

Preserving Foods

How to keep cool in all this heat...

I had spent weeks looking forward to entertaining my friend, her husband and her daughter (who is our God-daughter) at our new house.  We had organised a great BBQ, lots of food, drink and lovely stuff.   486 more words

Herbal Remedies

Day Fly

“an inoffensive race; born to pass thro’ their little stage of being, the prey to a thousand enemies; but hurtful to no creature”

John Hill (1714?-1775)
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