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Power Flower: The Many Benefits of Arnica

Power Flower: The Many Benefits of Arnica

“Arnica is a plant-based pain reliever used by those with sports injuries and those suffering from arthritis to help reduce bruising, shorten recovery time and increase circulation.” 16 more words



Introducing a guy I dated, let’s call him Tom.

Some Tomisms:

“I worry about you, you know, as a person.” I mean what other way is there to worry about someone? 553 more words

Life Advice

Curiosity why some things work...

I am sure my best friend won’t mind if I use my darling Godson as a blog post subject.

My 2 year old Godson has been stricken with croup and a chesty cough on top of that now, and he has been sleeping fitfully and being sick a lot as well.   390 more words

Herbal Remedies

Maine Herbal Remedies: warding off a winter cold

My grandmother, Dinah, has the best advice and style. I may be a little bias, but ask anyone who has met her and they will tell you she is one special lady. 240 more words

The Tartan Doe

Rendering Tallow in the Slow Cooker

With all my tallow balm, hard lotion, and salve making experiments of the last few weeks, I’m nearly out of the last batch of tallow I rendered. 1,060 more words


The health benefits of a jolly good cuppa...

It is snowing where I live today.  In the UK, snow is either greeted with unadulterated glee or with unadulterated dread.  I am not that bothered by the white stuff myself, but I will confess to loathing attempting to get around in this weather.   516 more words

Herbal Remedies

Healing is Real

Over the last few years I have been acutely aware of physical illness among us. These vary from different kinds of cancer to problems with backs, knees, skin, lungs, joints and blood. 320 more words