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Day Fly

“an inoffensive race; born to pass thro’ their little stage of being, the prey to a thousand enemies; but hurtful to no creature”

John Hill (1714?-1775)
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Natural History

It is my cup of tea: part II

The origins of herbal medicine are the origins of civilization itself. Only imagine that all these herbs were known and used thousands year ago: for healing, food, drinks; to eliminate bad odors; for making soap and body scrub; to dye clothing and even hair. 1,226 more words

Tip Of The Day

The aroma of Thyme

I was showing my sister around my garden and her allergies were bugging her and she was sneezing nonstop, so when we got around to my row of herbs I randomly snipped some thyme and told her this would help if she sniffs it (I was just taking a wild guess). 61 more words


Healing Boils With Natural Remedies (Video).

Boils also called furuncles are local staphyloccal bacterial infections of the skin. You can get boils by these things below:

Living as a Linden Tree

Not that I want to be a god or a hero. Just to change into a tree, grow for ages, not hurt anyone.  

Czesław Miłosz…

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Chickweed, That Tasty Little Pest

Chickweed, most of us would never know that chickweed is a wonderfully delicious “weed” that can be eaten while hiking, walking or when we’re in need of trail munchies. 603 more words

Preparing For Your Future, Crazy or Cautious?

Here’s something to ponder, especially in today’s economy…have you ever wondered what would happen if there actually were a national disaster of some sort…catastrophic storms, economic collapse? 501 more words