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Comparing Flower Essences with other Healing Modalities

Flower essences are a lesser known healing modality to most people I meet. When I say flower essence, most people look a bit confused. Many ask if flower essences are essential oils, perhaps because… 1,394 more words


Herbal Intellect Episode 17: Digestive Disorders-Step 3: Tone!

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Herbal Medicine the secret to warding off Ebola and much more! - A Natural News Exclusive

When it comes down to staving off viruses, herbal medicine is the way to go. Antiviral plant constituents are found in substances like Echinacea, goldenseal, black cumin, elderberries, licorice root, oregano, cat’s claw bark and many more! 39 more words

More autumn tree herb lore...

So I was at the kitchen sink today, doing the dishes, and I happened to glance at our little seedling oak tree.  We have been given one to grow, and it’s leaves are just changing at the moment and it is rather pretty.   314 more words

Herbal Remedies

Superstition and disease

The current furor over the Ebola outbreak prompted me to consider the role of disease in the past. During the Middle ages there was no conception of the role bacteria and viruses play in the transmission of disease so everything was ascribed to God, the Devil, or witchcraft. 460 more words

It is conkers season!!

I am not sure if my North American correspondents are aware of what conkers are?  In case you are scratching your collective heads,  conkers are the nut of the Horse Chestnut tree, … 398 more words

Herbal Remedies

Comfrey for Healing

I have had a great month for injuries.  I sprained my knee at work and then sprained my wrist moving logs (doing it the stupid way, of course).   518 more words