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I started out today thinking about chastising the careless use of the term “tolitarianism” by both Left and Right—who generally accuse their opponents of the T word. 385 more words


It’s Not New at Brandeis; ‘Repressive Tolerance’ was Born There

Michael Ledeen,  PJ MEDIA

Shutting down a speaker, or a professor, or a book with which you strongly disagree is nothing new. Indeed, if there’s anything really new about Brandeis’ disinvitation to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, it’s that they invited her at all, no matter how briefly.


David French: The Radical Left's High-Stakes Gamble on Intolerance

For NRODavid French writes:  Not for the first time, the radical Left is moving rapidly away from any respect for free speech and pluralism and is decisively throwing itself into creating a  635 more words


The Notebooks of Martin Heidegger

The sociologist Norman Birnbaum recently wrote a Letter to the Editor of The Nation about Heidegger’s anti-Semitism.

…Heidegger, a self-proclaimed antagonist of a technological civilization he considered to be soul-destroying, in his notebooks deplored the Jewish affinity for “modernity.” The use of the term by Heidegger and others does not suffer from excesses of precision. 578 more words

#11 – Karl Marx in Trier 2013

Some paintings of the exhibition in detail:

Johannes Grützke: “Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, Herbert Marcuse and Julius Grützke” 1969.


Bill Moyers Capitol Crimes (2002)

No one is exactly saying that but somehow it seems that the entire point of this episode of Moyers on America is nothing short of a “don’t get caught” message. 892 more words

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