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Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme


Two of us in the garden, holding hands, singing and believing that we are eternal

We are eternal

Like dark spots in the ether that makes you remember your slumber… 357 more words

Pagan Blog Project: H is for Herbs

When I was a baby witch, just learning my craft, I got really into herbs.

Like REALLY into. :)

I had the classic Herb Book… 553 more words


The Art of Indoor Plant Decor

By Joshua Burton

One of the best ways to tie a room together is to create a rich, lived-in feel to your living space and there’s no better way to do that than to bring in some houseplants. 767 more words



I found this article very interesting because it goes along with a theory I came up with that routinely taking herbal supplements will have a significant effect on your energy field. 1,017 more words

Easter Market and Spring Blooms

We certainly have had a busy week around the farm.  Monday found us covering up as the cold, for one last time,  descended upon us.   413 more words


The Importance of Ancestors

The Druid sat silently in her hut. As the Juniper smoke rose she could feel their presence…they were arriving from the Otherworld to assist her in her workings. 1,068 more words