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The pleasures of self care

As someone who is on good terms with their body. I like to treat it well. 

Other than the basics, good food, exercise, meditation, sleep…I love my “spa nights”! 157 more words

Matts Fresh Lemon and Herb Pork chops

Lately I have been working 6-7 days a week. That’s a pretty normal thing for me to do at the end of the summer season. Unfortunately, that means working on a Sunday, which I really despise. 456 more words

Summer Bounty

My cell phone broke yesterday. I needed to make a phone call (to complain about my broken cell phone) but when I went to the land line it was not functioning either. 514 more words


A Chef's Garden for Under $30! Week Eleven: Day Three


Stretched to the max. And it’s just about all original, hence the loss of the cabinet doors. They’re around here somewhere… but the hinges were so bad that eventually they fell off and using some dish towels and a tension rod from Cost Plus I hand sewed a hem and SHEBANG “cabinet doors”. 437 more words

Naturally Heart Healthy

The American Heart Association statistics lay out the significant risk and dire effects of heart attacks.Still nearly 20% of the adult population in America smokes; 30% do not exercise in the slightest, and 35% are obese. 332 more words


A Plate of Sunflower Power

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a good ole food blog!  And, this one is incredibly yummy (actually I just ate some and I can assure you that it is)! 756 more words