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Monday - The Day of No Labor

This is what I feel like doing:

This is what I AM doing:

Have a great holiday for those of you who are off. I hope y’all save some beer and BBQ for the rest of us!

Writing Life

Seems like Ice-based attacks are super effective against Murfs. #ALS #Blaugust

Since a few initial responses to the fact that I had agreed to dump a bucket of ice over my head were less than positive, let me be frank up front: I am not trying to shame or force anyone into following suit. 266 more words


Goat Cheese Salad

With hot and humid temperatures still in full swing, here’s one of my favorite summer salads. Granted, this is a “cooked” salad, and maybe the results are closer to “veggies on toast” than “salad,” but it works nonetheless. 427 more words


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I don't think I'm alone in saying that food is good thing. A great thing. MAYBE THE BEST THING EVAR?! Ahem. In recent months, I had thought of adding a food component to my blog -- recipes, dinner outings, and shopping adventures wrapped in the warm blanket of nostalgia. But the idea remained nebulous as I couldn't quite figure out just how to shoehorn all that into my humble online abode. Enter 8Bit Kitchen to the rescue! I caught a post over on Herding Cats about this new collaborative blog where gamers and foodies (and foodie gamers) could come together to share in their respective loves. Food blogging problem solved! Well...once I asked to join, that is. With everything worked out, I'm onto my second post (below), and I anticipate posting recipes and food stories to the site a few times a month. So stop on over won't you? And why not bookmark and share 8Bit Kitchen if you like what you see? 8Bit Kitchen is where gamers and food meet, and you'll meet lots of awesome people to follow while you're there (as well as all things FOOD)! You can also follow @8BitKitchen over on Twitter.  Feed your feed!

Monday Muppet Flail

It’s Monday again. All day. I spent last week working on an attitude adjustment. Magic Bean Sprout is back for an encore performance this week. I love the little dickens to death but dang…It’s been a LOOOONG time since I had to do anything with a baby in tow. 342 more words

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Monday - The First Day of the Rest of the Week

Yes, it’s Monday again. This darn day just keeps showing up whether I turn the calendar page or not. That said, things are not quite as crazy as they have been the past couple of Mondays. 656 more words

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