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Monday All Over Again, New Release, Free Book

What is it about Monday? It keeps showing up every 7th day whether we want it to or not! Gah! So…if it’s Monday, that means there was a weekend. 437 more words

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Easy Like Monday

Hello, world! I feel like I’ve been living under a rock. :lol: And contrary to popular belief, there is nothing easy about Monday, or my upcoming schedule. 677 more words

Writing Life

The Power of Story Telling

Just like a lot of the other students in class, I have yet to buy the required book for my M-school New World and Branding Class. 428 more words

In-class Activity

Monday - National Coffee Day

Thank the gods that it is!

I’m still in deadline hell and the only thing keeping me sane is caffeine. Yes, this is late because I was working last night. 69 more words

Writing Life

Effective Tips for Frazzle-Free Classroom Management

So I can’t actually guarantee you won’t ever get frazzled on a particularly bad day of subbing. I sub for a choir teacher who has a men’s choir of 50 middle school boys at the end of the day and it never goes well for me. 846 more words


Try Saying It Out Loud

This Oracle’s forecasting fun
At CEO post-Ellison,
As metaphors for management
Take over now that Larry’s went.
(Perhaps it’s really simile?
Well, either way, it’s thrilling me.) 14 more words


Here, Kitty, Kitty

One question¬†writers are often asked is, “How¬†do you get your ideas?”

Well, I can’t speak for all writers, of course, but in my case, it’s the ideas that seem to get me. 415 more words

The Craft