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Friday Free For All - December Version

Still on the media blitz for the Twelve Brides of Christmas. Today, there’s an Author Roast and Toast – with prizes! Click and check it out. 238 more words

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Monday Funday

You know when I said I wasn’t going to talk about college football anymore? Yeah…that was before Saturday. Because…uhm…Oklahoma State BEAT OU. We’re all a little gobsmacked around here because OSU hasn’t exactly had a stellar season, and while OU was supposed to be in the top four, they faltered because of injuries, but they still pulled out some big games. 357 more words

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The First of Monday

Today is Monday. It’s also the first day of December, which is the last month of the year. So…a little reflection and some planning today. I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend, if here in the States, though hopefully everyone had a great weekend. 398 more words

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Pet Jailbreak/heading cats

So at 1:01AM there was a pet jailbreak. As my parents were leaving to head back to the hotel, Stella and Mosley made a break for the door. 545 more words

Herding Cats

We’ve all used the expression — herding cats — usually as a metaphor for trying to gather or organise things that defy gathering or organising. ¬†Well, this time it isn’t a metaphor. 638 more words


Monday Equals NaNo Brain

Shush! NaNo Brain is too a thing! Just ask anyone who’s taken part. I was ahead on my word count over the weekend. MOON SHOT is basically written. 405 more words

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Friday Free-for-All

I don’t really have anything to say. The one cool YouTube I found this week, I posted on my FB page because I know far more Dr. 376 more words

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