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Herding Cats

We’ve all used the expression — herding cats — usually as a metaphor for trying to gather or organise things that defy gathering or organising.  Well, this time it isn’t a metaphor. 638 more words


Monday Equals NaNo Brain

Shush! NaNo Brain is too a thing! Just ask anyone who’s taken part. I was ahead on my word count over the weekend. MOON SHOT is basically written. 405 more words

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Friday Free-for-All

I don’t really have anything to say. The one cool YouTube I found this week, I posted on my FB page because I know far more Dr. 376 more words

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I Herd It Through the Grapevine

Not to beat the proverbial dead horse, we’re having some unusually cold weather down here.  It’s so unusual that it’s causing parents of young children to do the otherwise unthinkable: dress very very warmly.   420 more words


Every Monday Should be a Snow Day

Right? I mean how cool would that be? We’d have the whole day off to drink hot coco or bundle up and go build snowmen. Or…something. 526 more words

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Monday Catch and Release

It’s November. Thanksgiving is two and a half weeks away. But it’s time to CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS!!! Well, the Twelve Brides of Christmas, anyway. FAERIE FAITH is live in the world today. 487 more words

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First Monday of NaNo

Yes. It is that crazy time of year when writers and would-be novelists all go a little bit crazy. I’m behind. For the first time ever. 643 more words

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