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REVIEW: Ok Go - Hungry Ghost

Oh jeez, those treadmill guys are at it again. Still making gimmicky music videos to give an illusion of intrigue, the Illinoisan quartet cease to give up, with the release of album number four, … 293 more words


Musical Viral Videos

This is a post I can completely get behind. Who doesn’t love a good viral video? No one. That’s who. Its viral because the population found something about it worth sharing. 432 more words

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Claudia the Bad Blogger Gives You YouTube Instead of Actual Content

Let’s bring back some circa early 2000’s internet, shall we?


(Sorry, it’s been a crappy day)


Resistance is futile

“Shows a reluctance to move.”

I will give any excuse in the book not to exercise. It’s too windy, it’s too cold, let’s wait till the afternoon, by that time neither of us feel like it, it’s too hot. 2,047 more words


Musical Sunday Presents: Here It Goes Again - OK GO

By far one of the most hilarious and the most creative way to use treadmills. I wonder how long it took them to perfect the routine on those treacherous machines, and how many times they e gotten hurt ( I almost guarantee at least one ! )

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