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Via Text

“He asked me out,” she said, “via text.” The text message the modern way to speak to one another or the lazy way for men or woman to obviate their role in any way shape or form of courting. 345 more words

Here We Go...

Baby, it’s cold outside!

(*Note to reader, the following blog entry was meant to be posted in January. I apologize for the delay*)

Unless you have retreated to a vacation destination or live on a small tropical island near the equator, mother nature has decided to put most of this country on ice this winter. 152 more words

Here We Go...

A Battlefield

I took a break from writing because school gets in the way really easily and now I have a free couple of moments to let you into my messed up life. 768 more words


Here I went.....

Again, can we go around this circuit one more time? It really isn’t because I really want to, the dragging the representing the evidence and the application for further communication and discussions. 218 more words


Here We Go

The prison door screeched open as the officer shone the lamp around the cell. There were bodies everywhere, far too many prisoners and too few cells. 321 more words


Diamond (an extract)

You must be important. Why? I don’t know. Do I want to find out? What if I try and you become important to me too? What if I stop thinking? 99 more words


A journey.

It is always said that it’s not the destination that matters, only the journey you take to get there. The Flatland Chronicle isn’t going to become what I originally planned and wanted, however it will become what I needed. 21 more words

Flatland Chronicle