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Today is the day!

In a couple of hours we will be headed to the airport for our flight to Europe. Yesterday was full of flight changes, dealing with cell phones and loads of calls back and forth for both. 235 more words

Day To Day

It's Almost Here...

In a little bit, I’ll be having a very important call (if all goes well).

I mentioned a while ago that new developments were stirring for the publisher that I’m editing for. 343 more words

Here We Go - Part 2

“So you can do this, right?”

“Yes, of course. If it’s what the bride wants” said Aunty Nah, our village wedding dress tailor.

“Okay. So just make the waist a bit smaller, like by half an inch or so. 1,109 more words


The Quarter is Ending...

The quarter is ending! Many might see this as a thing of excitement….I kinda do but mostly, I do not. This week on Thursday marks the beginning of tech week for the fall production… Can I just not? 456 more words


Here We Go - Part 1

“Jah, I hope you can accept our son into your family”, Harez’s mother said while Ariana’s mother’s hand was in hers.
“Of course” the latter responded with a smile, and both sides of the families cheered. 1,014 more words


I Believe...This might turn some against me.

I work in an industry that promotes consumerism and the right of the wealthy, for whom else can afford the products we design and sell? No one except those with money (unless of course we feel the need to donate a product for a specific cause, which my company does actually do quite frequently). 639 more words

Here We Go