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The survival kit of road-trips (okay, I haven’t a lot of experience but I’m working on it) consists of fuel, food and music. This might just be my quirk but there are certain types of music that should be reserved for certain types of roadtrips because your music makes the mood for all situations. 88 more words


Be here be now

All moments, every day we spent worrying about the things happening to us. It may have happened in past. Regretting about past, what happened. I must have done that, i must have done this, i must had taken the opportunity, i must have did that or that not… 411 more words

California: Thank You from the NRA Here is what your Contributions Made Possible in 2014

As we commemorate the Thanksgiving vacation, the NRA would such as to thank its members and donors for their valuable contributions this year. Without your continued support, the NRA would not have the ability to do what they perform in the fight for your Second Change rights. The NRA, its

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In The News

I'm Right Here

You think that you are having the time of your life

But you’ve never even seen what’s inside

You are lost and confused drowning your sorrows away… 142 more words


Saying, I miss you.

“It’s been so long since I saw you.”
“Honey, I miss you.”
“So I’m lying here alone and wishing you weren’t so far.”
“Boo, I so want to see you and hug you right now.” 84 more words


The Printing Process

Offset lithography printing: The rubbing process and the constant feeling of potentially breaking the paper causes the artist to have to find a balance between a clearer image and destruction. 49 more words


Where are you going?

Installation view: Black and white photography: Clusters of images spaced one minute apart.

Following on from the journey/travel/time themes arising from the HERE project.