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#115 The Equal Truth

They say people are born equal but the truth is we are born with different family backgrounds, different financial situations, different race and ethnicity, different hereditary genetics.

Is this genetic? (an informal poll)

Yesterday I found myself explaining my mental health issues to yet another professor.  And for whatever reason Italians (I’m not sure if it’s a cultural thing) always ask “why”.   281 more words

Black And Fat?

‘You are black and fat!’ That’s what he called me and I resent it. Why should someone call me that when I am in no way interfering in his life? 661 more words


Bipolar 'Lite'? Oh really?

#bipolar #manicdepression #stigma

I may be slightly more irritable than is often the case, but seeing Bipolar II and Cyclothymia spoken about in the diminuitive has begun to… 484 more words


A Family History of Stress & Trauma

One of the most magical events in nature is the migration of the monarch butterfly.  Not only because of the beauty of the event, but also because of the natural wonder it instills in us.   309 more words

Poly-what-now? That Causes Depression?

I’m sure everyone has that unknown medical fact that they don’t share with everyone. Today, I’m going to share mine (although it’s not completely unknown). 751 more words


Our AWESOMENESS strikes again

Now I know where Calyx got his AWESOMENESS, it’s actually HEREDITARY. haha Vanity strikes again. :p

Smile for the camera. :) Just being soo happy together.

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