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The Mirror is Sad Today

When I was a young child I started to feel as though I did not exist, not real. As though every thing around me were in a dream. 662 more words

Wealth, Power & Intellect Are Becoming Hereditary

Reposted from the Economist:

Compared to those of days past, today’s elite are by and large more talented, better schooled, harder working (and more fabulously remunerated) and more diligent in its parental duties. 400 more words

Hair sample works for DNA test?

First, we must know that each DNA structure is completely different. So sometimes we can see results in DNA testing before or after the set time. 314 more words

Just A Name....

All that holds us together is but a name
So estranged…..from one another
Familiar foundations have passed away
So who are we now
Now that this name is just a moment of historic, hereditary fame… 133 more words


Recipe For Bipolar Disorder

Research suggests that Bipolar Disorder is in fact hereditary. This is not say you will automatically inherit Bipolar Disorder if someone in your family has it but it does increase the risk and doesn’t hurt to make note of it. 478 more words

Mental Illness

Cancer - Basics

Usually cells live in homeostasis with their neighbours, they behave nice and socially, not trying to invade their neighbours space. In cancer however the cell becomes antisocial. 253 more words


Understanding Your Children

Have you ever looked at your child after he/she says something and say ” Where did he get that from ? ” Well, the truth is that he/she probably got that characteristic from you. 116 more words