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Let’s get something out of the way I’m sure my Mormon readers are dreading.


Okay, bottom line, the LDS church at this time does not practice polygamy, nor do they endorse it. 991 more words


Thoughts on interactions

Well, I’d intended from the outset getting a Mormon to help maintain the accuracy of what I was writing, and it was going okay for a time. 294 more words


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         It’s time to take stock of where we’re at. Joseph Smith, a treasure hunter and con man who made a living (albeit a poor one), claims to have met God the Father and Jesus Christ in the flesh while still an unrepentant sinner, with no change in his lifestyle after this. 2,120 more words


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Something to note for non-mormons, the LDS recommends the Quad, which is all the various books of the Mormons: The Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants and Pearl of Great Price. 1,484 more words


The Bible and the Book of Mormon Contradictions

Bible and Book of Mormon Contradictions

By Sandra Tanner

The Bible plainly states that the gospel, with its inclusion of Gentiles, was not fully revealed until after Christ’s death. 1,106 more words


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         Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

Well, much of it was actually plagiarized out of context from the King James bible. No problems there – I’d personally have been happy if Smith had just told his followers “Read the King James Bible and decide for yourself if my doctrines can be found there.” 414 more words


Don't Be Exclusive (Avoiding Dangerous Cults #2)

Join Monica for Principle #2 of “Avoiding Dangerous Cults” to find out why you should avoid exclusive religious groups who believe that they are the only ones who “have it right” about God — or who believe that they have a right to come against those who disagree. 66 more words