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False Doctrine of Original Sin = Judgment!

When we preach in the open air, original sin, sinful nature, and once saved always saved doctrines consistently permeate the crowd no matter where we go or to whom we preach.   636 more words

John McGlone

What the world could have learned from Victoria Osteen

(I’m guest posting over at my friend Ryan Miller’s blog today. Follow the link at the end to read the full story.)

I tried to stay far away from the whole Joel and Victoria Osteen debate, since I don’t know this man or his wife and I don’t sit under their teaching and I have never read any of their best-selling books, but on the way to church last week my husband casually asked me, … 321 more words

Wing Chair Musings

Mother Angelica on Blasphemy, the Second Vatican Council, and WYD 1993

NOTE: This video has been highly edited, by someone. And, I have never seen this particular Mother Angelica program before.


(Book excerpt) Heretics: A Love Story by Mary Saracino

Chapter 1

The Dream

Shardana woke with a start. The chilling dirge of a howling wolf rang in her ears. Her heart raced. She rubbed her eyes, but was unable to erase the face of the animal that had haunted her dream. 1,489 more words


Destroying Doctrines of Devils: Sacred Name Movement (SNM) Refuted

YHWH Only Defined and Refuted originally researched in January, 2010

Our family has been interacting and dealing with a large family of YHWH only believers whom have become our dear friends yet are trying to proselytize our children by their children to this false system of belief.  5,226 more words

Jesus Christ

Objection of those who, in this discussion, reject the use of the word Person

Objection of those who, in this discussion, reject the use of the word Person. Answer

1. That it is not a foreign term, but is employed for the explanation of sacred mysteries. 425 more words

John Calvin

The 10 favorite books game...

1. “I Ching” (Wilhelm/Baynes trans.) Consulting this oracle in 1972 on the subject of going to a school called Sherborne (J.G. Bennett, Principal), I twice got this hexagram, months apart: “In relation to the human world, it denotes the creative action of the holy man or sage, of the ruler or leader of men, who through his power awakens and develops their higher nature.” 478 more words