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SermonAudio.com | New Poll Finds Evangelicals’ Favorite Heresies

I’m reblogging this one, because of Todd Friel’s broadcast on this same poll. I saw this over at the Vine Vigil, and not surprisingly, Friel feels the same way I do. 313 more words


A blasphemous, heretic thought.

I’m not a religious person, and so when asked why I wasn’t in the ‘Christmas spirit’ this year, I was surprised.  Yes, I do normally participate in all of the pagan rituals of Christmas, without the church-going.   362 more words


Thomas Morton Day

So here’s my proposed Pagan “spin” on Thanksgiving- honor Thomas Morton, the renegade Puritan got fed up with all the rules of Plymouth colony and started his own- Merrymount, who made buddies with the Indians and erected a Maypole, and recited poetry about (or to!) Roman and Greek gods. 445 more words

American Culture

Thomas Aquinas on Exterminating Heretics

In the Summa, Thomas Aquinas says that you can reason with someone who holds a different doctrine from yours so long as that person is open and searching. 276 more words

Answering The Roman Catholic Church 25

Can a person be saved outside of the Baptist church?

The answer according to every Baptist convention is, “Yes.”

What does the Bible say?

The Bible says, “yes.” 1,011 more words


Answering the Roman Catholic church 23

Since this has come up again, let’s resume our examination of answering the Roman Catholic Church. Surprisingly, the level of would be Catholic apologists continues to increase, as I see them leaving comments all the time on SermonAudio news stories. 837 more words