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World Heritage Day At Raxa Collective Properties

18 April 2013

Prepare the International Day on Monuments and Sites!

India does not appear on the Events list, but no matter. We take matters into our own hands.

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The Battle of Clontarf 1014AD

Good Friday! Not so good for the Vikings…

Good Friday is a religious holiday observed primarily by Christians to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary in 33AD. 959 more words

Places Of Interest

It's World Heritage Day today

On the occasion of World Heritage Day, may we implore you to take a pledge to learn about just one concept/ aspect/ practice/ building/ landscape of your choice from the past and hold onto it forever because… 66 more words


Ke Bima, Memenuhi Undangan Teman

“Datanglah ke Bima. Kami teman-teman di sini siap mengantar kemanapun.” Begitu iming-iming teman-teman saya yang pecinta alam dari Mbojo, Bima. Sayapun jadi tertarik untuk memenuhi undangan mereka. 1,629 more words

Kotak Jalan-jalan

Short Vacay in Penang - Because I love HISTORY much!

Jumaat, April 18th 2014 -


Last weekend saya ambil masa lari daripada Kuala Lumpur yang mengalami masalah air ni. Cadangnya nak ke Thailand. Boleh main air since kat sana celebrate tahun baru (Songkran) + pesta air. 370 more words

The Takers are Winning

You have seen this before. In the USA, the takers are rapidly outpacing the makers. CNS news had a new article on this today. The takers outnumber the makers 1.7:1. 64 more words


New life for ABC, a former adult film cinema? // Une nouvelle vie pour l'ancien cinéma porno ABC à Bruxelles?

Last June, I wrote a post about old-school adult film cinemas in Brussels and Singapore.

While this has not been outwardly one of my most popular posts (22 ‘likes’ at the time of writing), it is amongst the most frequently viewed articles on my blog. 534 more words