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Faking Faith to Hold On to Heritage

Do parents fake faith out of a feeling of obligation to pass it down to their children? My parents are visiting: my agnostic, but Catholic-raised dad and my Catholic mom who doesn’t practice/ go to mass. 519 more words

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What does art and culture mean to you?

This Friday 24th October, the 24 Hour Culture Survey is aiming to take a snapshot of the cultural life of our region in one single day. 148 more words

First World War Film Competition

National Archives has launched a competition to get aspiring filmmakers to put its First World War files on film. Ten First World War documents reflecting different experiences of wartime have been selected from the archives and put online and entrants must use one or more as the starting point for a three-minute short film. 53 more words

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Dhanteras... the first day of Diwali!

Hindu festivals are mostly grounded in mythology. So is Deepavali. Diwali or Divali. Diwali is celebrated in the north over five days.

The first day of Diwali is called Dhanteras or Dhantryaodashi, (dhan- wealth and theras-thrayodashi-13). 692 more words



I saw this movie last weekend. While I sometimes wished for a more balanced discussion–for example, the role of dams in controlling flood or preventing drought, thus helping stabilize agriculture–I also found it inspiring, filled with stories I hadn’t heard before, from the risks and dilemmas–and questionable humanity–of farmed fish, to a long lost story of a  canyon flooded in the 1950s containing both priceless beauty and Native American heritage. 11 more words


Heritage: Book One of The Gairden Chronicles by David L. Craddock

Heritage: Book One of The Gairden Chronicles by David L. Craddock

Finding Fantasy Fascinating

Let’s be honest we all come across books we fall in love with, or the characters in books we can’t live without. 806 more words


What would you value?

The following rant/response paper is based on my reading of David Throsby’s Economics and Culture, Cambridge University Press, 2001.

This would perhaps sound unlike me to most people who have worked with me or have shared my beliefs, but instead of focusing on how assigning value should be questioned as I would have in the past, I seem to be grappling with how to assign value so that communities can live and grow with their heritage. 1,168 more words

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