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November Night - Goethe's Faust

They followed the others into the smoky, disreputable cafe. Gloomy, who had already ordered champagne, dropped lazily down on a sofa. Lauscher was chalking his billiard cue. 92 more words

Hermann Hesse

The Island Dream - Odysseus and Nausicaa

I glimpsed a group of slender young women playing with a gilded ball. Divided into two camps, they battled gracefully for possession of the glittering bauble that a laughing young girl kept tossing high in the air. 168 more words

Hermann Hesse

Hot Authors: Hermann Hesse

This is the part where I foolishly objectify men (and some, but too few, women). One thing I’ve noticed when I’m researching authors is that they were young once. 83 more words

Hermann Hesse

Author One: Hermann Hesse

I was going to organize the list in some logical manner, such as alphabetized by author, but that would quickly land me in Austenland, and I’m not quite ready to get bogged down there. 663 more words

Hermann Hesse

รอสฮันเด โดย Hermann Hesse

รอสฮันเด (Roßhalde)
โดย Hermann Hesse
แปล : อรัญญา โรเซ็นเบิร์ก-พรหมนอก

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Trees: the most penetrable preachers

There is this old Gulmohar tree near home. The tree is so big and its branches spread wide and form an umbrella like canopy. I usually spend sometime of my evenings sitting under it – sometimes reading a book, sometimes counting the innumerable leaves it has, many-a-times just enjoying the peace and fresh air it offers. 836 more words


Random Thought 09.23.14

For me, trees have always been the most penetrating preachers. I revere them when they live in tribes and families, in forests and groves. And even more I revere them when they stand alone. ~ Hermann Hesse