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An Evening with Dr. Faust

“It’s horrible. It cannot be doubted that mankind, of whose life we have just heard a sampling, is mad. It is our descendants, the sons of our sons, the great-grandchildren of our great-grandchildren, that we have heard saying such dismal, distressing, confusing things, uttering such horrifying screams, and singing those incomprehensible, idiotic verses. 16 more words

Hermann Hesse

Harry the Steppenwolf - Hunger Artist

It was a small cage, formerly inhabited by a panther who had regrettably died before his time. The enterprising owner had done his best to furnish it for the occasion, something of a problem, for this Steppenwolf was undoubtedly a rather unusual animal. 62 more words

Hermann Hesse

We immortals do not like things to be taken seriously. We like joking. Seriousness, young man, is an accident of time. It consists, I don’t mind telling you in confidence, in putting too high a value on time.

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Dream Journeys - Songs of Springtime

-“Songs of Springtime,” Ludwig Uhland, translated by W.W. Skeat

The briefest recollection of Uhland’s “Spring Song”…was sufficient to show a present-day poet most conclusively that those enchanting things were, for the time being, exhausted as subjects for poetry and that there was no sense in attempting to imitate in any way those inexhaustibly full, blessedly living creations.

-Dream Journeys, Hermann Hesse

Hermann Hesse

I have long ago given up mentioning the fact that our written language is now no better than a beggar’s jargon, destitute and louse-infested, that all beautiful, rich, rare, highly evolved forms have disappeared, that for years now I have failed to find a single future perfect in any lead article, let alone a rich, deep-breathed, nobly constructed, elastic-paced sentence, a true period, aware of its own structure, beautifully rising and gracefully dying away.

-Tragic, Hermann Hesse

Hermann Hesse

Inside and Outside - Epirrhema

You must, when contemplating nature,
Attend to this, in each and every feature:
There’s nought outside and nought within,
For she is inside out and outside in. 61 more words

Hermann Hesse

10 Books Which May Actually Change Your Life

With thousands of classics out there, choosing one as a favorite is impossible. However, there are a few books (aside from spiritual texts) that can likely trigger personal growth and development, actually reshaping the way one sees and interacts with the world. 494 more words