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We're Just Having Tescos

Today I was riding the train and the guy next to me was on page four of Walden. I still haven’t finished the book but I really liked the first half of it. 699 more words

Journal Type Shits

Resurrections for Roubles

Pet Sematary – Trailer

“Sometimes dead is better.” Where had I heard that before? It was in that Stephen King story, Pet Sematary. In the old Micmac burial grounds they were resurrecting dead animals. 800 more words

Some thoughts on Mind

“Mind precedes all mental states, mind is their chief, they are all mind-wrought.” Dhammapada

“When you understand mind, you understand everything.” Master Nagarjuna

“JORIKI is the power or strength which arises when the mind has been unified and brought to one-pointedness in Zazen concentration. 287 more words