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The Spider’s Web, Al-Quran Chapter:29 (Al-Ankabut)


Al-Ankabut (The Spider) is the 29th chapter of the Quran. Historically, it was revealed to prophet Muhammad during the most critical juncture of his ministry when the trials of his followers by the Meccans chiefs were at their extremes. 1,917 more words

Religion And Philosophy

The Occult Meaning of 2001: A Space Odyssey Foretold by a Quotation from Hegel

The purpose of nature is to extinguish itself, and to break through its rind of immediate and sensuous being, to consume itself like a Phoenix in order to emerge from this externality rejuvenated as Spirit.

Mysticism: the Pornography of Academic Philosophers - Nicholas of Cusa and Hegel

No direct connection has ever been established between Nicholas of Cusa and Hegel. It has been accepted that Hegel did not know of him.1 In fact, there is… 1,001 more words


Day 557

Purge it out through sweat.
Purge it out through silent thought.
Shout it out in time.

A dawn, a sun, born
To this world through the aeons… 17 more words

The Sorcerer

There are few figures in history that are at once as mysterious, nefarious and intriguing as Dr John Dee, mathematician and astrologer to two Tudor Queens of England. 832 more words


Jürgen Habermas, Guardian of Mystical 'Rationality' - Part Five

Jane Braaten made the excellent criticism of Habermas (one which should be applied to philosophers generally) that Habermas limited his ‘critique of reason to a theory of justification, rather than the content of that theory.’1 Consonant with Lloyd’s analysis of the Man of Reason, feminists have charged Habermas with a failure to theorise gender (Jean Cohen and Nancy Fraser, Seyla Benhabib).2 Again consonant with the male/female, reason/emotion dualisms of this model, feminists have critiqued Habermas for a silence regarding the expressive aspect of communication.3 Johnson unknowingly approves the Böhmean influence on Habermas’s communicative theory of rationality.4… 898 more words


Jürgen Habermas, Guardian of Mystical 'Rationality' - Part Four

Habermas wrote that radical contextualism itself thrives on a negative metaphysics1 and that it may be appropriate to do philosophy in the mode, but only in the mode of negative theology.2 In this Habermas is being disingenuous. 1,089 more words