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A Review of David Myatt's Ιερός Λόγος

A Review of David Myatt’s Ιερός Λόγος, An Esoteric Mythos

Following on from his translation, from the ancient Greek, of the Pymander chapter of the Corpus Hermeticum, published in 2013 {1}, Myatt has now (January 2015) published his translation of the third chapter of that Corpus, conventionally entitled either A Sacred Discourse or A Holy Sermon. 1,286 more words

David Myatt

PGM IV 154-285: A complete Magical System

This is the first post, on a series of posts I intend to make on PGM IV 154-285, “Nephotes to Psammetichos letter concerning bowl divination.”[1] The intent here is to introduce the passage and discus it as a complete and workable system of magical practices. 3,662 more words

Magic In Practice And Ritual

As Above, So Below: Minimalist Art for Massive Ideas

A tenant of ancient Hermeticism, the quote ‘as above, so below’ is attributed to the belief that all things appearing disparate  may in fact be connected. 38 more words

William Blake's Circle of Destiny by Milton O. Percival

Years ago, I explored many of the books which Henry Miller, in his Books in My Life, cited as being important to him. One of them was this book, … 159 more words

Carl Jung: "Hermeticism is not something you choose..."

To Rudolf Bernoulli

Dear Colleague, 5 October 1944

Your very friendly letter gave me great pleasure.

I am indeed slowly getting better, but it is real slow! 110 more words

Carl Jung