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Jyotish/Vedic Aspects for Geomancy

Crossing the streams? Youbetcha…

In Jyotish/Vedic Astrology, every planet creates an Aspect, even if only to the House cusp. However, Aspect isn’t necessarily the best translation of the idea – “faces,” “considers,” “incorporates” might be better ways of looking at this idea. 442 more words


Spirit Soup: Theurgy, Qigong and Transcendental Paganism on the Boil

I’m burning up, burning up for your love.

I’m on the fire. The kindling has burnt up in a flash and after these twenty or so years of incessant spiritual enquiry I’m starting to simmer. 530 more words


Magickal planetary hours and days

These are the properties of each planetary hour for magick practices, you should note that the planetary day is important as well and below you will find the combinations of planetary hours and days and for what situations are useful each combination of planetary hours and planetary days. 1,062 more words

Transformative Technologies

Sunday Matinee: Esoteric Alchemy - Transformation of Attitudes

Aspirants of Avalon,

You know I couldn’t leave you hangin’ today amigos.  Thought I’d flip the script a bit though and share an audio lecture that crossed my path.   331 more words