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Intrinsical Sickness

Mendicant receptacle and ineffable decepticons / ended the deception intervention in a vestibule / while the rest are interested in perceptions of ineptitude / the best conclude to keep their crude investment as an institute / misconstrued and the illusion, though in plain view, is eluded / yet through indelible contusions of exactitude / obsession un-polluted musing as an overview / I’ve recruited men wrapped and suited up in sutures / dominant and dedicated trained to see into the future / aloof accoutrements their spanning dimensions ever youthful / heaven’s elements reached by hermetical detections / through inventions invented by men with deferential predilection


Black of Isis

The Black of Isis is a magical cloth mentioned in two rituals of initiation and three oracular spells in the PGM. It is generally understood to be a linen cloak (or piece, thereof) used to dress the effigies of the goddess.[1] Our goal in this post is to better understand the use and significance of this Black of Isis in the PGM and within the magical traditions of the Graeco-Egyptian world. 2,551 more words

Magic In Practice And Ritual

‘The Four Quls’, the Spells for Spiritual Protection in Quran


I intend to investigate the powerful protection spells stated in the Quran called the ‘four quls’. The hermetic arts of astrology and symbolism are employed here to interpret the esoteric meaning, and the applications of these spells. 1,654 more words

Religion And Philosophy

What is the truth of this life?

Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? These questions pervade my mind almost daily destroying any shred of serenity I have garnered. 519 more words


The Magical King Solomon in Quran


This article is an study of the Quranic texts regarding the career and wisdom of king Solomon from a hermetic perspective. It interprets the philosophy and spiritual teachings of Quran for the human empowerment and freedom. 1,849 more words

Religion And Philosophy

Update And Repost- From YouTube: Leo Strauss On The Meno-More On The Fact/Value Distinction?'

***Feel free to critique, or highlight my ignorance, as I’ll have to dig back here soon to confirm the reasoning.


I wanted to contrast and highlight the above video with a recent  1,507 more words

Foreign Policy

Countermovement in Hermetic Magic

For many Western Magical traditions and followers of the Northern Pagan and Neo-Pagan paths, clockwise motion is considered a positive and creative force, while counterclockwise is negative and destructive. 1,512 more words

General Metaphysics And Philosophy