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Happy Birthday dear Emma!

You don’t know me, probably never will, but just know that you inspire me. I think you are a wonderful actress and I adore all of your movies. 127 more words



So, I decided to discard the idea to write about ABEL: It Can’t Be You and move directly to the post about the Noah movie I was talking about earlier. 479 more words


I'm not the girl you're taking home...

Some HP Fanfiction i wrote this morning, decided to share it with the world. I’ll let yous guess the pairing and the song is Dancing on my Own by the lovely Robyn… 950 more words


Ch. 23: The Yule Ball

Chapter 23: The Yule Ball

Chapter Summary:
The Yule Ball happens on Christmas Day. Hermione surprises everyone as Krum’s date. Harry and Ron overhear Karkaroff and Snape talking about something coming. 1,029 more words

Hermione's Ethics and My Hot Head

It took less than three weeks for me to get into a relatively heated Harry Potter debate at my new place of work. Pretty impressive, if I do say so myself.  815 more words

What I'm Writing

Chanel, mademoiselle

The problems with making moves has been told from angles that seem to make the flow unmanageable at best.

Peter Delia is the type of fellow who invested his time in seeking one particular artifact. 873 more words