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I want a Patronus

It’s that typical job interview question: “if you were an animal, what would you be?” I do think this choice can tell you a lot about a person, but I know I’m guilty of tailoring that answer to make me sound like I’d actually be capable of doing the job. 446 more words


What is Feminism?

After entering middle school and starting to mature, I was introduced to feminism. To many, feminism reminds us of Susan B. Anthony, the Feminine Mystique, and women fighting for the right to vote. 830 more words


Quiz: Harry Potter's Christmas

We’ve created a Harry Potter Christmas quiz! Can you celebrate the holidays like a true wizard?

1. What color sweater did Mrs. Weasley knit Harry in book 1? 123 more words


New trending GIF tagged hermione the assassination of...

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A letter to Santa

A ministry of magic official from the general owl post office was sorting the mail at a local muggle post office when he came across this letter. 470 more words

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