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Answers: The Daily Prophet Reveals All

Check your answers to yesterday’s quiz! Are you a good enough observer to be a successful spy?

1. Harry “feels” that Voldemort is very, very happy about something, which is front page the next day in the Daily Prophet. 275 more words


Top Ten Tuesday (20)

School. It’s almost the same process, no matter where you live around the world. This is what I know about school:
– It starts at age 5 and goes till age 18 (if you stay till the end) 493 more words


Australian Reunion

They had looked everywhere in Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Darwin.Hermione was close to tears. “What have I done, where will I find them?”. Rona consoled her,” Hermione, you worry too much, Relax! 305 more words


In Honor of September 1st, Here is to Emma Watson (Harry Potter Day)!

     Growing up, Emma Watson became my role-model. Not only was she an intelligent and independent witch on the big screen, but in real life she valued education and the importance of embracing individuality. 102 more words

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Quiz: The Daily Prophet Reveals All

Voldemort may have stayed undercover for most of Order of the Phoenix, but the alert spy had plenty of chances to find out little bits of what the Dark Lord was up to. 478 more words


Ah, finally. The great HP re-read has moved out of super juvenile books and is inching towards the dark and twisty. This is also where the movies start getting better, and where the distinctions between the two become more extreme.

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