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Cape Cod

Yesterday, I spent the day with my friend, Sunny, at one of the beaches at Cape Cod. I normally don’t go to the cape, just because it takes around 3 hours to get there. 325 more words


Crabbitat- Hermit Crabs

Proper Hermie Home

Your crabs need a nice home to live in. A healthy living space is important, and its also quite simple to create! 553 more words

Hermit Crabs

5 Days

The hermit crab lasted FIVE days in our household before dying of stress. Apparently, we did everything wrong even though the store gave us everything for him. 255 more words

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Grand Isle State Park.

Grand Isle State Park is at the tip of Louisiana.  The waves were gentle, which disappointed the girls.  There was also a lot of seaweed that the park service raked into piles.  319 more words



1. Our son splashing/swimming in the water like the big kids
2. Double beach day
3. Our son seeing his first hermit crabs during our family/maternity photo shoot

3 Things

Thoughts of Today

Though he came out of his shell for a couple hours in the middle of the night, he’s yet to really open up to anyone and the minute anyone walks into the room, he shoves himself back inside his dinosaur shell. 24 more words

Hermit Crabs

How to Train Your Hermit Crab

This isn’t a how-to post, this is a Seriously How DO I do this post. The lady of the house– finally agreed to let my cousin get a hermit crab and so far after doing a ton of research, she’s come up with the same conclusion: “I am fucked.” Everything the stand at the mall gave her is on the “NOT ACCEPTABLE” list on all the websites for hermit crab care. 231 more words

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