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A day at Biosphere 2

Today is going to be a science post following an interesting day out. Brenda and I thought we’d take a trip to Biosphere 2, a scientific project, run by the University of Arizona, just a few miles up the road from us. 584 more words

Jasmine The Hermit Crab Molts

Hermit Crabs have to molt (shed) their entire exoskeleton in order to grow.  They bury themselves in the dirt in the wild so that they can do this in safety.  564 more words

Beach Visit

Today the family and I went down to Tacoma to watch the Marine Daffodil Parade. We scouted out a spot on the coast and had an hour to kill so we decided to look around the beach.  451 more words

On Becoming the Literary Hermit Crab

I adore hermit crabs. I always have. As a kid and as an adult I’ve owned them, and I’ve tried to get my daughters into the idea of getting them mainly so that I can just have them around again. 1,020 more words


Hermit Crabs Are Cool.

This is way better than those painted shells with Spiderman webs and soccer balls…

This is what it looks like when a hermit crab finds home in a broken bottle.

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Mahia - the east coast gem

When you go travel for a year people say they might come visit but rarely do they actually come. Our friend Troy came with his girlfriend Lisa for an escape from the cold temperatures winter has thrown Edmonton as of late. 742 more words

Squid Island

It’s a little while since we moved on from Koh Mook (which translates as Squid Island in Thai), but it we were all rather sad to leave it behind – until we got here to Koh Libong, it was definitely our favourite island. 490 more words