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Hermit Crabs

We’re all Hermit Crabs.

Whether we’re aware of it or not we actually have much in common, Hermit Crabs and us.

We all share a common goal, to live. 105 more words

Common Goal

How Big do Hermit Crabs Get?

Hermit Crab Changing Shells…

To learn more about Hermit Crabs, read Pagoo, by Holling C. Holling.  It’s full of hermit crab adventure and beautiful water color depictions of sea life.  


The Crown Shell is a Perfect Home for Hermit Crabs

The crown shell is recognizable by it’s pointy ridges and striped appearance. While visiting the intracoastal waterway this summer, I saw these crown shells everywhere, but they were most often inhabited, not by the mollusk that made them, but by a hermit crab. 192 more words



Hey Guys!

So I am back home. My family and I went to Orange Beach, Alabama, and it was our first ever family vacation. I already gave you a sneak peek about the fairly large hermit crab purchase we made. 207 more words

Thank You for Bringing Me Home to Murder Me Slowly

Last summer the husband took our little family on a vacation to the beach. It was our kids’ first time at the ocean – the sand, the boardwalk, the greasy-wonderful-delicious-expensive food, henna tattoos, and hermit crabs. 859 more words

Past Posts

Hermit Crabs strike again

The Hustler, lithograph, 2014.  I am obsessed with Hermit Crabs… and I am negotiating the shell price/style with a hermit crab.


Thoughts on a Cloudy Day in July

This tide pool is teeming. Hermit crabs tumble and scamper like little sentient stones, ill-fitting shells in various hues bumping through the still water. A forest of kelp below. 390 more words