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That Thing called Perspective...

Today The office I work at was being honored at the local Chamber luncheon for being a member for 25 years. We all had to attend. 536 more words


Vamos a la PLAYA!

Remember the old game at Chuck E. Cheese? Remember “Whack a Mole” and the hours of fun and coins it would gobble up?
Well, a new game has been discovered on the Playa. 68 more words

Travelin' Fool

Travelin' light

Carefree vagabond
Leaving all troubles behind
Totes home everywhere 6 more words


Hermit Crab tank - Thermostats and hygrometers

I thought I would go into a little more detail on how I measure my temperature and humidity.

It is very important to get this bit right as Australian hermit crabs, despite what your pet shop may tell you, don’t like to be in an unheated tank. 917 more words


Stripey Ninja finally joins the gang in the big tank

Moving day has finally arrived!  Stripey ninja has finished his quarantine and today moved over into the main tank.

I popped him into the salt water pool as I had read somewhere about bathing them first so they didn’t smell like a strange crab.  112 more words


Hermit crabs line themselves up from biggest to smallest to swap shells

Seriously, HERMIT CRABS FORM ORDERLY QUEUES. In height order. To more efficiently trade shells. I, for one, welcome our new crustacean bureaucrats. At io9

Individual Thoughts And Actions

Should I get a cat?

THERE I WAS, puttering around the compound in my David Johns Casual—named after the preferred around-the-house stylings of uncle Dave throughout my childhood.

Now, before we get into the topic-at-hand, I have some issues. 466 more words