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Day 17 "Bella Luna"

*Bella Luna

Oh, Leonard Cohen, you are but a dream
but would you try to meet me in the Fall?
No longer we’re so young as seventeen… 117 more words


Makeshift Pedestals

A touch of guiding light glowed mightily in his fist. Raised so far up his head through the clouds and all the blurring mist. Stuck on that pedestal, a god to them all. 336 more words

Godspeed David Letterman


True story: I remember seeing David Letterman when he had a half-hour daytime show in L.A. I remember it because a commercial I was in was playing that hour (my first TV commercial—oh what a difference a day makes*—and the first time ever it was going to play), and I was upset that no one would ever see it, because Daytime? 63 more words

Hero Worship

If you have not read Charlie Pierce's piece on Bill Kristol...

…you should. It’s muscular writing, heartfelt, and good. It’s the kind of thing a I wish I could write here, but I know I won’t. 67 more words

Hero Worship


Hero-worship. I love that phrase. Properly speaking, hero-worship is: 1) a profound reverence for great people or their memory; 2) extravagant or excessive admiration for a personal hero. 335 more words

Philosophical Musings

On Hero Worship

‘Hero’ is not a vocation.  It is not a job.  It is not a title that you can use on your resume.  As a matter of fact, if I may paraphrase Margaret Thatcher, being a hero is like being a lady–if you have to say your are, you aren’t. 381 more words

Food For Thought

When loved ones disappoint you...

Umntu ngumntu ngabantu – Loosely translated, this Xhosa phrase means “a person is a person through other people.”

From the day we are born, we are influenced by those around us – the people closest to us teach us how to walk, talk, think and love. 1,054 more words