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You Should Read David Mitchell

“Love’s pure free joy when it works, but when it goes bad you pay for the good hours at loan-shark prices.”

- Holly Sykes in David Mitchell’s 

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Game Recognize Game-Why Older Men Date Younger Women

Someone very close to me (I’ll call her Annie) has found herself intrigued by an older man.  Naturally, because I am known to have “experience” in this kind of thing , Annie spilled the beans to me.     615 more words


Hero Worship: Toy Sales Trump Valuable Lesson

One of the greatest things about comics has been their ability to be adapted in different ways. There are the comics, the movies, and the television shows. 498 more words


Super Reads

A number of people have asked me if I have any say in the books I get to review for Booklist and Shelf Awareness.  The answer is, yes!   810 more words


Kill your idols, rape their dogs

Common belief holds that an artist has to necessarily invest a lot of himself in his art for it to acquire true meaning and depth. Good art, as much as it may seem to be motivated by an otherworldly genius at times, appeals to us chiefly because it captures ideals that resound across cultures, space, and time; self evident truths, having their origin in a mutually evolved and shared, abstract mindspace, that are tapped into and eventually substantiated by the artist as vessel. 559 more words

Hero Worship: X-MEN Redux

Since the comic book genre first broke out onto film, there has always been a demand for a certain level of realism and continuity. After all, when you’re talking about a genre where most characters receive powers from being bitten by something radioactive, you need to make it realistic. 603 more words


Reflexive Military Hero-Worship is Ending, Finally

A while back I wrote about how the public engages in the sort of uncritical pedestalizing of military service members that condoned irresponsible real-world decisions, particularly as pertaining to communicating about the military and budgetary matters. 230 more words