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In Joseph Campbell’s book A Hero With a Thousand Faces  he discusses how mythology from many nations all have a common theme, the hero’s journey, and how we as a society can take from all of these myths and apply them to our own lives.   197 more words


Spoiler - Nin-in-Eilph Hero

Good Afternoon Everyone! I hope the Tuesdays don’t have you too down. Just a whee bit longer and you will be halfway through the week! 279 more words

A Dog Saves A Baby Bird

Animals are one of the few things that still always make me smile, despite the pain.  <3



 I got to meet the most incredible female artist I know. Demi Lovato has helped not only me but many other young teens and older women as well. 131 more words

A Protagonist's Best Friend

People often say that true friends are willing to tell us things we don’t want to hear about ourselves. Best friends care so much that they will even distress us if it’s the best thing for us. 223 more words


This Is What a Real Hero Looks Like


I’ve always been in awe of individuals and couples who welcome children into their home via foster care or adoption. Thank God there are such people in the world who are willing to turn their own world inside out and upside down to give these children the love and care they so desperately need. 592 more words

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