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DAY 91 Sober: HERO - Motivational Video

Hello Friends, Today is day 91 sober and I am taking a break from creating a soon to be book. I just wanted to share this amazing video. 75 more words

Sober Is The New Black

I left my heart

(21 November 2013 and 17 April 2014)

In a distant land

I left my heart,

A dwelling I now

Yearn for. 

A home built by my Love, 88 more words



Commas matter, because without them, the phrase, “Don’t screw with me, man!” becomes “Don’t screw with Me Man!” And just like that, the super-egotistical pseudo-hero Me-Man is born! 600 more words


Bill, the Loitering Bishop, Blessed Be He

One of the gifts of  living past sixty is coming to know people who help you along the way; you see Christ in them and remarkably enough, they see Christ in you!   410 more words


Chris Pratt Follows Through on Promise to Surprise Sick Kids in Hospitals

He didn’t break out his “Guardians of the Galaxy” costume yet, though

Chris Pratt — a movie star, TV star and all-around cool dude — has lived up to the promise he made before “Guardians of the Galaxy” became a massive box office hit, and visited a sick fan in the hospital this week. 66 more words


Dissasembling a Gopro Hero 2

Ever since I was little, I remember digging into my well organized toolbox and taking out screwdrivers, pliers and blades to help me disassemble an old camera, the TV remotes, computer hardware and by the time I was 15-16 I made home repairs to my Iphone and even created a frankenstein mp3 player hybrid out of 2 broken Ipods. 110 more words