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Captain America: the winter soldier

An thoroughbred action film through and through. Unlike other recent action films (Iron Man, Superman) the powers that be opted for a no nonsense approach and spared us from the usual ‘too much talk too little action’ and treated us to some high quality, impressive spectacle. 95 more words


Heroism in Ping Pong: the Animation, episodes 1 and 2

The hero appears!

The hero appears!

The hero appears!

The first episode of Ping Pong deals with the¬†consequences of naive idealism. The episode is probably best summarized with a quotation from Coach: “No man so good, yet another may be as good as he.” The episode is almost entirely centered around Peco as he transitions from being the all-star hero of the show to being exposed as an (apparently) talentless hack. 700 more words

Unsung Hero

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The Unforgotten Soldier (Short Story)

 (September 2008)

As he walked down the street and watched the children play around him he felt at peace somehow. He stopped and watched a young brown-haired, green-eyed girl swing as a blonde-haired boy tried to walk up the slide. 1,225 more words


Marvel Avengers Assemble Titan Hero Series Thor 12" Action Figure

Thor crushes evil with superhuman strength and his indestructible hammer! Wielding the powers of Asgard, he unleashes a storm of fury upon any enemies that threaten the world he has sworn to protect. 59 more words

I Need A Hero

You see, at just the right time, when we were powerless, Christ died for the ungodly.

Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous man, 719 more words