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Preparing For Launch!! (Or, The Weekly Roundup for 07/27/2014!!)

Another day, another dollar, another week, another… Wait, is it Tuesday already?¬†Good Lord, nevermind the intro, before I lose my train of thought with another Tigers rant, let’s just get straight into the… 1,860 more words


2014 Wizkids Open Announced

Today, Wizkids announced the first annual Wizkids Open tournament, to be held at participating retail locations across the U.S. this fall. Featuring some of the hottest games of the year, including… 194 more words


Wizkids' New Trailer for Marvel HeroClix: Guardians of the Galaxy!

If you’re unfamiliar with Wizkids‘ game Heroclix, or just want to check out their latest set release for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy… 16 more words


Married With Clix - Meta Fix Episode 19

Jason gets Possessed! This week’s episode he talk about the newest mechanic that comes with The Entities.

(Don’t worry our audio isn’t dying on us again, that’s just the air conditioner)


Ret-Con: "Ultimate" Falcon (AVENGERS set, 2007) (v1.1)

“Second verse, same as the first.” This “collage” with the imbedded “Ret-Con Tweak” to the existing Special Power was the 5th and final attempt to redress what I saw as a slight to the character by a quirk of the game’s mechanics. 125 more words


Ret-Con: The Falcon (SINISTER, 2006) (v1.1)

Had to tweak the language to a “Ret-Con Trait” I did for these 2006 versions of The Falcon. Imbedded into the “collage”. And, it’s now being posted in its own post, instead of “bundled” into an older Falcon “Wish-List” post.


The Daily D4

The Flash Heroclix

After War of Light wraps up in a few months DC has another set all lined up, and if you’re a fan of the fastest member of the Justice League you won’t be disappointed. 181 more words

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