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DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War

On January 14th, WizkidsHeroclix sees a new set released with DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War. The new set features three SKUs including a 24 count gravity feed, booster packs, and a fast force pack. 245 more words


Wizkids Moves Its World Championship to Origins Starting in 2015

At Gen Con, Wizkids held the 2014 Heroclix World Championship and first ever Heroclix Team-Up World Championship which saw Patrick Yapojoco and “Team Majestix Apex Predators” crowned champions. 155 more words


HeroClix Wish-List & Ret-Con: "The Uranian"/"Marvel Boy" - Robert Grayson (v1.1)

“The Uranian”/”Marvel Boy”, Marvel Comics’ character Robert Grayson.  Wasn’t the first character to be known by the “Marvel Boy” moniker, and wasn’t the last. Always thought “Marvel Boy” was a terrible name anyway, but what could Timely-Atlas-Marvel comics do when Fawcett trademarks and copyrights the name “Captain Marvel” first, right? 687 more words


HeroClix: "Fatigue" & "Oversaturation" versus a Desire for "Variety in Character Selection" (v1.1)

Even as a fan of the game of HeroClix and a multiple-times-daily visitor to HCRealms.com, I tend to restrict my movements largely to four areas of that site: the UNITS section, the “Rumors” forum for “news” on upcoming sets, the Frontpage (for Articles), and the U.S. 416 more words


Because This Needs To Happen

The Card Game We Need, Not The Card Game We Deserve . . . ?

For those unfamiliar with the game, Cards Against Humanity is a card game for 2 – 20 players (really it’s how many you want it to be) and consists of two decks of cards, one black, one white. 151 more words


Ret-Con: Weather Wizard (HT REV; v3.5)

EDIT (2014-08-14): Originally posted back on 14 MAR 2011. 

Weather Wizard is about to be “reclixed” in the upcoming DC Comics HeroClix THE FLASH set later this year. 171 more words


WizKids' Rules Forum: "Second Impressions" (v1.1)

Okay, I am “enjoying” WizKids new “Rules Forum”. I very much like the fact that it is so strictly policed. For reference, the Forum Rules: … 620 more words