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“If anyone, no matter who, were given the opportunity of choosing from amongst all the nations in the world the set of beliefs which he thought best, he would inevitably—after careful considerations of their relative merits—choose that of his own country. 29 more words

Herodotus and Marmite

The Greek historian Herodotus is very similar to the British condiment Marmite. You either love him or you hate him. As part of the former group, I believe that at least some of the animosity toward Herodotus comes from several misunderstandings about his history. 705 more words

Primary Source: Herodotus on the Battle of Thermopylae (History, Book VII) (Introduction to Western Civilization 3.5)

This is a short selection from Herodotus’s description of the Battle of Thermopylae in his book about the Greco-Persian Wars, which he wrote over a long period between 450 and 420 BC. 697 more words

Introduction To Western Civilization

Fire and Ice

The Nature of Curtius
Book Five Chapters 6-13
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Chapter Six
Persepolis and Beyond
Upon their arrival in Persepolis, the Macedonians tore the city apart in their desire for loot. 916 more words

Quintus Curtius Rufus

Repost: History is written by the...

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Sep 2: History is written by…

Twice now, when I’ve told someone that one of my classes is starting with “the history of history” they’ve shuddered because “history is written by the winners”…which in this case doesn’t even make sense. 635 more words


"In soft regions are born soft men."---Herodotus

Herodotus, Greek historian, 484-425 BC

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Islam and the Worship of Alilat/ Aphrodite

The Arabs, Islam and ALILAT ( Allah as the Hermaphroditic Daemon Lucifer/Aphrodite/Venus/Freya/Quetzalcoatl)

Formidable, heroic acts of worldly “ greatness” that men and women over the ages have committed or produced, have invariably been reduced to two governing traits and motives. 4,183 more words

Sub-Apostolic Texts