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Soft men tend to be born from soft countries. – Herodotus

Take Off That Hat! Herodotus on Skull Strength in Egypt and Persia, (Histories 3.12)

“The heads of the Persians are so weak that, if you were to toss a single pebble at one, you would make a hole in it. 202 more words

On History and Herodotus

That History is a useless and boring collection of names and dates is one of those careless statements of foolishness that one overhears occasionally and which immediately marks the speaker as an illiterate member of democratic society — a grave deficiency from my point of view as a historian, teacher, and concerned citizen. 2,777 more words


El Haraneya, Egypt resident digging in yard discovers legendary tunnel linked directly to Pyramid of Khufu...greatest of all Pyramids

The Week: An Egyptian citizen, identified as “Nagy” by Arabic news site Ahram.org, was illegally digging in his backyard when he found a tunnel leading to the Pyramid of Khufu. 179 more words


Delving into myth

One of my New Year’s Resolutions relates to the articles I write for Mythic Scribes. In 2014 I started working on a series called Magical Creatures for Magical Worlds, in which I am looking at mythical creatures that are sometimes used in fantasy fiction. 637 more words