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"Force has no place where there is need of skill."---Herodotus

Herodotus, Greek historian, 484 – 425  AD

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Herodotus at the Pyramids

Herodotus had plenty to say about the Great Pyramid at Giza (very big, very old), but like any more recent tourist in Egypt, he was led by his dragoman: 266 more words

Palestina Riwayatmu Dulu (dan Kini)

 Sebulan terakhir ini perhatian kita kembali disita oleh konflik Palestina – Israel.  Banyak korban yang jatuh dan banyak berita bermunculan di berbagai media yang mendukung dan mencela kedua pihak yang berkonflik.  1,368 more words



In peace, children inter their parents; war violates the order of nature and causes parents to inter their children.

Herodotus (484 BC – 430 BC)

Press On

Through rain and snow and storm, no matter how the weather howled for her blood, she would press on.

“My Lady! The storm grows ever stronger! 102 more words

Writing Prompts

The Infinite One

If a person has one thought, but an infinite one, he can be borne along by it through his entire life, lightly and on wings, just as the Hyperborean, Abaris, traversed the whole world borne by an arrow. 92 more words