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On the Virtues of Herodotus

In an effort to keep my Greek up to snuff, I’ve taken to reading a Perseus page or three of Herodotus every day. Generally speaking Herodotus tends to get the short end of the stick among philologists. 320 more words


Ah Mondays…. I don’t have to go to school or work on Mondays, but I still have tons of homework to do.  It seems like sometimes that is all that I do.   149 more words

The Last King of Lydia

My good friend Andy on the Good Reads site recommended this book to me.

Written by Tim Leach, “The Last King of Lydia” is about Croesus, King of Lydia who had the reputation of being the richest man in the world.  186 more words

The traitor Ephialtes

Although we talk of many heroes, there have also been traitors who have betrayed our people. One such was Ephialtes, whose name has come to mean ‘nightmare’. 380 more words

Pandora's Stories

The Blagger's Guide To… Herodotus

Herodotus is the Father of History. Remember this, because unless you study ancient history or are taking a historiography class, if Herodotus pops up in conversation you can probably bluff your way through sufficiently by leaning back in your chair and saying, with a knowing arch of an eyebrow, ‘ah, the Father of History’. 522 more words



“If anyone, no matter who, were given the opportunity of choosing from amongst all the nations in the world the set of beliefs which he thought best, he would inevitably—after careful considerations of their relative merits—choose that of his own country. 29 more words

Herodotus and Marmite

The Greek historian Herodotus is very similar to the British condiment Marmite. You either love him or you hate him. As part of the former group, I believe that at least some of the animosity toward Herodotus comes from several misunderstandings about his history. 705 more words