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Short Story Review: The Thief versus King Rhampsinitus by Herodotus

In the introduction to this short story it states that this might be the world’s oldest detective story, which naturally, I found intriguing. It goes on to explain that this mystery was told to Herodotus on one of his many travels, which he subsequently chose to record… 252 more words

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Scampi: Imagine walking across Australia.

Peter: I would rather not.

Scampi: Why not?

Peter: Hm?

Scampi: Are you saying you couldn’t imagine walking across Australia? 813 more words


300: The Rise of an Empire

I went to see this film expecting to hate it’s historical inaccuracies and to exit feeling frustrated at its dumbing down of an extremely significant war that had a lasting effect on the cultures of the world up to and including the present day. 970 more words

Volume 33: A Journey to Egypt

One of the things that is so inspiring about this project to me is the opportunity to read works of literature that I would not otherwise pick up. 812 more words

Amazons -- More Than Myth?

Copyright 2014 by Paula S. Jordan

Were the Amazons a mere figment of Greek Imagination? Perhaps “… a propaganda tool used by the Athenians during times of political stress”? 397 more words

Paula S. Jordan

wanting until it hurts

And have you ached with want?

the rabid foam 

of lack


and do you foment insurrection

against your very

basic need?


splicing atoms after… 29 more words