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What’s Wrong with Geography?

Statistics – aren’t they wonderful? The title of this piece was premised on my reading recently that geography students are among those who have the greatest difficulty finding work after graduation. 1,041 more words


A Lesson in "Loving" Too Much

Recently, I picked up the Loeb edition of Herodotus’ The Persian Wars on Logos. After all, I got it on prepublication for $4. It would have been crazy not to … 231 more words


Moving into Greek realms...

Salve readers! I say I am moving into Greek realms, for the moment anyway; it is by no means permanent. So I have begun my MA in Classical Civilisation at Birkbeck, UCL in London and my first term is focusing on Ancient Greek civilisation, an area entirely new to me. 531 more words


On the Homeric Epics, The Histories of Herodotus, and Cheney's war

I am listening to a Great Courses lecture series on the Histories of Herodotus, by Elizabeth Vandiver. In describing similarities between Herodotus’s work and Homer’s epics — the Iliad and the Odyssey — Vandiver notes that all three works adopt the “great man” theory of history — the theory that crucial events are shaped by human personalities more than by broad currents of economics, technology, religion, etc.  179 more words

Taking Risks in 9 Quotes

We live most of our lives with the fear to take risks. The Merriam-Webster define it as: “someone or something that may cause something bad or unpleasant to happen.” The spectrum of bad or unpleasant things that could happen can be quite large. 1,108 more words

Self Improvement

On the Virtues of Herodotus

In an effort to keep my Greek up to snuff, I’ve taken to reading a Perseus page or three of Herodotus every day. Generally speaking Herodotus tends to get the short end of the stick among philologists. 320 more words


Ah Mondays…. I don’t have to go to school or work on Mondays, but I still have tons of homework to do.  It seems like sometimes that is all that I do.   149 more words