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Castles in the Sky

64. In what concerns war, their customs are the following. The Scythian soldier drinks the blood of the first man he overthrows in battle. Whatever number he slays, he cuts off all their heads, and carries them to the king; since he is thus entitled to a share of the booty, whereto he forfeits all claim if he does not produce a head. 1,011 more words


The 300 Spartans

Thermopylae! Thermopylea!
How my heart aches to hear thy name.
How I wish I could share thy fame.
Such heroics I have never heard before, 140 more words

Myths, Legends And History

Ancient Warfare VIII/3 - Horsemen of the Steppes

One of the magazines I always look forward to is Ancient Warfare and this latest issue is of particular interest to me for two reasons: 261 more words


So, who was Cyrus, King of Persia?

A few days ago, I promised to write a post about Greek history and the story behind the book. As Frostie has noticed, the map of Pearseus is essentially that of Greece and Asia Minor. 911 more words

Pearseus. Dark Epic Fantasy

Towards a Greek Kabbalah: Mythology of the Greek Letters

If we’re to really get anywhere with this Greek kabbalah, or kampala, then we need to start from the basics.  And, as an engineer, for me the basics often consist of the tools I’m going to use in order to build myself up more.   1,291 more words


Quarter-finals A

Welcome to the first day of quarter-final play in the Philosophers World Cup. Today’s matches include Greece vs Chile and France vs Germany. Match reports and a recap follow after the break. 605 more words