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Captain America

Last weekend I went to see Captain America with my family. I felt about this one the same way I felt about the other one….bleh. 337 more words

Infamous: Second Son, black-and-white morality, and the awkwardness of being an evil “hero”

In Infamous: Second Son, you play a mass murderer named Delsin. You can play as a not-mass-murderer, but then you’re not playing the game right (it… 1,225 more words


Walhall of a mess

Yesterday was a good day. All was well with the world. Order reigned.

Today? Not so good. A bit up and down, if I’m honest. 1,058 more words

AOS EP 18 Providence…

About to watch it. Probably gonna be facing some painful things…


Brave Hearts - Youth


Nick and Alex Stanisic, Alex Wimmer & Sage Schram

Award presented by State Farm

Nick and Alex Stanisic, Alex Wimmer and Sage Schram all grew up together. 476 more words

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