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CrimeCheckUSA.com Thinks Canada Is Right To Legalize Prescription Heroin

CrimeCheckUSA.com thinks that drugs are bad. We don’t want any of the CrimeCheckUSA.com blog readers to think we are pro-drug in any way.

That said, we also believe that the “War on Drugs” has done nothing but pack our prisons with addicts. 278 more words


Comedian Chris Dangerfield is in love

Three days ago, I posted a blog in which Chris Dangerfield gave his opinion on the Dapper Laughs kerfuffle. Some of what he said did not fit comfortably into that blog. 777 more words


Murder Sets Sail - 14

Murder Sets Sail is published by Second Wind Publishing.

by Paul J. Stam


Pakash Sin Sze sat at his desk wondering just who the financial power behind Fred McGuire was. 2,181 more words


My Top 20 Albums – ‘What's Going On’ by Marvin Gaye.

In the mid noughties I began to delve deeper into soul music, the latest genre to grab my attention in an ongoing bid to expand my musical horizons. 919 more words


Man Arrested In Raid On Northglenn Home Has Ties To White Supremacy

NORTHGLENN, Colo. (CBS4) – Two months after a large-scale raid on a home in Northglenn, federal prosecutors are revealing what was found and who was arrested. 365 more words


While in the veins: of heroin, hate, and love

While in the veins: of heroin, hate, and love

While in the veins…

Life is numb – a soul’s unhinged

While in the veins

Boiled death is born again… 76 more words


A Couple of Things...

1.  Thanksgiving is the only meal where I’m typically full before dinner is finally served. Throwback Thursday pix of Syd Rose.  Ain’t she cute?? I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving!  892 more words

A Couple Of Things...