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hybrid moments

Last weekend we went to Long Beach because Ian was booked to play a show at Que Sera. It was a totally different experience than the last time. 1,420 more words


WARNING: Graphic Drug Use

The small excerpt below is taken from the story of my addiction. I must warn readers to its graphic and very detailed nature. It is a small piece of my true story; my relentless addiction to heroin and other drugs. 1,245 more words


Book Background: Be He Alive Or Be He Dead

I always intended to leave the option open for the return of the faceless vigilante from I Smell The Blood Of An Englishman, and I knew that it couldn’t be too long in the timeline of the story before he, or somebody like him, returned to wreak more havoc on both sides of legality. 502 more words

Book Backgrounds

Frankenstein's Heroin Junkies

I started making my way through Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein for class, and of course I can’t read a book unless I feel smart and know something about the context, so I read the academic-really-smart-sounding critical introduction. 473 more words


Opium War.

Opium was a familiar plague in Asia before the 20th Century. Chinese efforts to ban the import of opium from British India led to the Opium Wars, which China lost. 595 more words

Drug Wars

Nervous pair prompts police search on I-15; 9 pounds of meth found

SOUTHERN UTAH – A traffic stop on I-15 resulted in arrests for a pair of travelers who were allegedly transporting illegal or unlawfully obtained items that included identification documents and credit cards as well as nine pounds of methamphetamine with an estimated street value of $200,000. 444 more words


Life of an addict

The junk killed him,

it filled his ice water veins

and it stopped his heart.