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Reflections On A Brave Old Lady; Beginnings of ‘The Heroic Theory of Yoga’

For a while I’ve thought about trying to begin identifying and isolating my own theory of yogic philosophy, and I think now I might be ready to take the first step in that direction. 1,788 more words


“Everyone is capable of his own peculiar heroism.  He may not recognize it under that imposing title, for he is merely doing what his instincts tell him he must do to set his life straight; yet it is, in fact, so great a heroism that his neighbor, living out his own unrecognizable heroism, is awestricken at the other man’s courage: and that is what holds the world together.” 10 more words


The Return of Heroism?

I have been having second thoughts about yesterday’s vague and rather melodramatic post. Navel-gazing is not helpful. The real world should be understood on its own terms, not dogmatically – at least insofar as policy is concerned. 363 more words


Tales of Ramon Bautista

I am sharing this note again by Pia Lim to Ramon Bautista in the light of the recent controversy of a Davao City resolution declaring Ramon as a persona non grata in Davao. 460 more words


i am Mercy...

I am Mercy. I’m no thought nor latent term for behavior; yet i am real. I am Mercy. I don’t seek punishment nor hunt for fame; yet I am here. 70 more words




Always shall

Half a heart in ideals

Thine be, hopeless!

For, rebellion is still

A hero’s privilege




Why Hamas/ISIS Fighters Cover their Faces...

…and why all soldiers, including Israeli soldiers, wear uniforms: To become more ruthless.

Philip Zimbardo, the leader of the notorious 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment, describes it thus in his TED talk “What Makes People Go Wrong”, about the psychology of evil. 336 more words