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redis integeration in heroku

Follow all steps given here:

Explanation of some steps:
heroku config --app heroku-app-name | grep REDISTOGO_URL
REDISTOGO_URL: redis://user-name:password@redis-server:11247/

Ruby On Rails

Deploying Django on Dokku

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Originally written for Gun.io, this post details how to use Dokku as a Heroku replacement for deploying your Django App.


Correct connection settings for ElasticSearch / Django-Haystack on Bonsai.io

I should have read the documentation about this better, so I’m blogging this because I’m sure other people have had the same issue. Bonsai.io requires the username and password to be sent as an http_auth header. 55 more words


Heroku for Dummies

There are a lot of documentation to explain technical considerations about Heroku, in this post I would like to offer a big picture about Heroku. 371 more words


Hosting your Node.js application on Heroku for free...

You have developed your node app in your local and if you are looking for hosting then Heroku is the better option. Because it provides hosting for developers free and also it is awesome. 167 more words


Set up a drupal site on heroku

Drupal is an open-sourced PHP-based content management system. It is very easy to extend and customize because of its modular structure.

Heroku is a great cloud hosting platform. 267 more words


Heroku announces Dropbox to Heroku feature (beta)

So this is pretty cool.  Imagine you have an app on Heroku and you want someone non-technical to be able to drop materials in.  This would make an awesome solution for that, Heroku’s new Dropbox Sync, just released in beta, Read more The post Heroku announces Dropbox to Heroku feature (beta) appeared first on jr fent. 6 more words