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Build APIs in Node.js and Swagger 2.0 with Apigee-127

Why is Node.js a good choice for building APIs? What is Swagger 2.0 and how can you use it to create your API documentation?

Join Jeff West and Marsh Gardiner for a code and demo-filled session, in which we’ll design an API with Swagger 2.0 and then implement and deploy the API in Node.js on both Apigee and AWS. 56 more words


Restart Heroku, Problem:: unexpected undefined method error

Sometimes when you deploy your app successfully and server throws undefined method error . This problem may occur because the server might not have been restarted. 20 more words


Rollback or undo your changes to heroku app

You can rollback any changes to heroku app from command line

$ heroku rollback 

You can also roll back from heroku dashboard

* Login to heroku

* https://dashboard-next.heroku.com/apps

* Click the app --> Activity --> Rollback to any state you want

Deployment of ROR (Ruby On Rails) on heroku :: UBUNTU 14.04

Installing Command line interface

The heroku command-line tool is an interface to the Heroku Platform API and includes support for things like creating/renaming apps, running one-off dynos, taking backups, and configuring add-ons. 309 more words


Heroku: Try ALL THE PaaSes

For fun, I’m writing a series of blog posts breaking out what it takes to deploy twitter-dedupe to a variety of Platforms as a service… 473 more words


How to Deploy a Node.js App to Heroku

How to Deploy a Node.js App to Heroku

Heroku is known for making server configurations easy and painless. We can build faster and worry about the things that matter to us instead of trying to configure our own servers. 40 more words