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Host your OVH domain on Heroku (DNS config)

Heroku DNS config can be a bit messy. I struggled a bit to get it right, so here’s what I’ve done, in the hope it’ll help you as well. 540 more words

Ruby On Rails

How real-time metrics can improve business operations

The value of leveraging real-time operational metrics for data has proven itself, but finding the most useful approach towards applying it remains elusive for most businesses.

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gSchool - Week 1

This week was my first week at gSchool!

I was really grateful for how day 1 was structured. We spent a lot of the day doing icebreakers with the class and learning everyone’s name and something interesting about them. 490 more words


Yosemite, brew, and postgreSQL

After upgrading to Yosemite and deciding to create a new application on Heroku.com, I ran into some problems. I hope this might help someone get through the ‘gem pg’ issue I had. 212 more words


Heroku client internal error... Permission denied - git --version (Errno::EACCES) on Windows 8.1

Today, I installed Heroku toolbelt CLI on my system, which installed Ruby and Git.

When i run command to know version, i see following error… 189 more words


Watch App Development Blog - Week 2

In Week 1, I got a (very) basic Haskell REST web service running that scraped the Transperth site for live train times. Now we’re up to: 1,059 more words


Gunicorn dyno death spiral on Heroku -- Part II

After a lot of investigation, we’ve figured out there is an issue with NewRelic, Postgres and Gunicorn. I summarized the issue here:


After discussing this with Graham Dumpleton over Twitter there is an issue with libpq. 591 more words