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My physician thinks it’s great – Page 75

One of Alma Nissens former patients, Helena Johansson from Sjuntorp in Sweden, writes about staying at Brandal and about the time after she returned home: (paraphrased): 427 more words


The Problem

I have a crush on one of my bosses.  

I honestly think that I’m just focusing all of my energy on him because I’ve been craving the single life.   129 more words

A doctor about Alma Nissens cure – Page 74

The Danish physician Gunner Ødum wrote in the Danish newspaper Aarhuus Stiftstidende on November 1rst 1980 (excerpt):

… I have my own theory about why Alma Nissens cure works for pretty much all forms of arthritis, asthma, chronic bronchitis, migraine, psoriasis and Bechterews disease – a disease that gives the patient at totally stiff back and neck. 384 more words


Every home can be a health home – Page 73

Taxes can go down.

The result would be that families had more money.

What I propose is achievable.

Every home can be a health home. 232 more words


A revolutionary effect – Page 72

In this house there is a strong will, and that will is mine.

Everyone should have the help they need, but without nonsense, because nonsense doesn’t heal you! 393 more words


Ant Bites

I could hear the doctor under the sheet, “Looks like regular wear and tear to me.  There’s nothing wrong going on down there.”  “There is,” I assured her, “there’s some kind of bump or something where I can’t see it… but I can feel it.   139 more words

"Doc, Do I Have Shingles?"

One of the most common questions we get from patients is “Do I have shingles?” Thankfully, shingles is typically a very straight-forward diagnosis and is rarely confused with any other common rash. 266 more words