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What I did last summer: Biology

As part of the S3 program, we have events designed to expose students who are interested in STEM to the kinds of opportunities that are available to them in different fields and disciplines.   608 more words

My Family of Reptiles. Audrey Noël Hume

Audrey Noël Hume’s My Family of Reptiles was published in 1955 by Frederick Muller. It is far less well known than the book she wrote with her husband, … 1,257 more words


My Near-Death Experience with a Giant Python

For five years I was a professional snake wrangler. My dear friends and I had opened up a reptile shop with the lofty intentions of teaching humans to understand, love, and respect these strange and exotic animals, and as a result, learn to better appreciate the natural world as a whole (not just the cute fuzzy bits). 4,778 more words

Animal Stories

Day 280

Super rare free morning + coupon for $10 off admission = Florida Aquarium.

Daily Photo

Lessons in Species Identification

This past weekend included a trip to check the pit-fall traps at the long-term field site Reseva Ecologica do IBGE, revisiting the site we went to the first week of our trip. 432 more words


Swinhoe’s Softshell Turtle: Captive Breeding Program Update

Given that there are only four of the world’s rarest freshwater turtle, Swinhoe’s soft-shell turtle’s (Rafetus swinhoei), known to exist in the wild or captivity today, the… 475 more words


Wildlife Techniques Field Trip at Ordway Swisher Biological Station was a Success!

Despite having terrible weather forecast for the weekend, everyone was still pretty ecstatic. We ended up getting rained on Friday and Saturday, but it was only for a short period of time. 131 more words