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Keeping Reptiles and Amphibians. Alfred Leutscher. 1976

This is the book that many wished Alfred Leutscher’s earlier Vivarium Life, in its two editions, could have been. It is a description of how to keep these animals. 300 more words


The Way of a Serpent. T.H. Gillespie. 1937

In the 1930s in Britain there was little in the way of books published for the amateur herpetologist. There were however, the monthly magazine The Aquarist and Pondkeeper (incorporating The Reptilian Review) 393 more words


Living with Reptiles. Kathleen Pickard Smith. 1961

Apart from what she said in her book, I knew nothing about Kathleen Pickard Smith until I found her obituary in The Independent written by the gardening writer, Barbara Abbs. 598 more words


Tortoises, Terrapins and Turtles. Ivor and Audrey Noël Hume. 1954

This 112-page book in the Foyles Handbooks series was published in 1954 when Audrey and Ivor Noël Hume were both 27. Over the preceding few years the mass importation of tortoises for the pet trade had started up after the foreign currency restrictions that were introduced to protect the £ Sterling after the second world war were eased. 946 more words



On Monday, my axolotl, Rosie, died.

I am absolutely heartbroken and have been for the last few days. It is getting a little better. I don’t cry as much. 669 more words


European salamanders and newts vulnerable to fungal disease from Asia

The fungus probably arrived in Europe recently, and its presence in traded amphibians suggests that the intercontinental movement of amphibians explains its introduction.

The previously unknown fungus Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans was discovered last year by researchers investigating a huge crash in the population of fire salamanders in the Netherlands. 304 more words