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Spring peeper photo shoot

Forgive me, I’m liking these photo shoot posts, which feature a cool animal.  I guess the feeling is right because this is how I interact with creatures.  125 more words


Turnhole Bend Nature Trail and Sloan's Pond

Two more trails!!

I’ll start with Turnhole Bend Nature Trail; it’s a nice .5 mile hike in the “frontcountry” that takes you up to bluffs over the river.  583 more words



I learned how to safely handle non-poisonous snakes when I was a 9 year old, participating in a Pathfinder Camporee. Pathfinders are like boy scouts and girl scouts combined, and the camporee was a once a year event that had kids from all over the state getting together and showing off their skills: marching, knot tying, camping, canoeing, and many other outdoor activities. 436 more words

Scripture Postcard

Laguna de Santa Rosa: 2014 Amphibians of the S.F. Bay Survey Techniques

This fall, the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation and The Wildlife Project will be sponsoring the Amphibians of the S.F. Bay Survey Techniques Workshop, November 21-22, 2014 at the Laguna Environmental Center, Santa Rosa, CA. 119 more words

Natural History

Frogs that grow tadpoles in their mouths appear not to be territorial

As a field researcher of primarily mammals, I often encounter highly enthusiastic amateur and expert herpetologists at the same sites at which I work. As you would expect, they all conduct their investigations into ‘herps’ in different ways, but one unifying methodology always stands out to me – not for it’s distinctiveness, but because it would be anathema when applied to mammals. 1,003 more words

Featured Creature

Frogs and toads: environmentally beneficial creatures

By Kary Askew Garcia, MNA Intern

The warm Michigan weather brings about many different types of plants an animals, including amphibians like frogs and toads. 413 more words


Herp Hunting: Part 3 - Toxic Efts and Defensive Mothers

Previously, I wrote on the diversity of the order Caudata, the salamanders, of North America, singling out the hellbender and Jefferson salamander, which each have unique adaptations for surviving. 1,774 more words