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Day 210

Just another day of Florida life. I found this house gecko in my foyer, caught it in a tupperware, and transported it back outside. Look how small it is compared with my fingers!

Daily Photo

A Painted Bronzeback in Bukit Batok, Singapore

When:  July 2014                  Weather:  Hot 28C

Ricoh GRDigital

On the spur of a moment, J and I went for a short 30 min walk in Bukit Batok….it wasn’t long before we saw a couple of beautiful Painted Bronzebacks draped on some branches…..


Day 204

My evening activity of choice has become walking around the neighborhood petting cats and looking for alligators. Tonight was a success.

Daily Photo

Amboli - The Snakesville

Amboli is known for the numerous snakes found there in the wild. As far as the snake spotting went we did not see many species, but the ones were saw made up for the lack of species count. 270 more words


Day 196

The native green anole, which is being driven out of its habitat by the invasive Cuban brown anole. I know the brown ones are ecologically “bad,” but honestly, I’m just thrilled to see any lizard running around all over this place.

Daily Photo

Amboli- A toad’s paradise

While the frogs were celebrating life at Amboli during the rains, the toads were not far behind. The dominant calls in toads were of the Common Indian Toad (Bufo melanostictus) 384 more words


Herp Hunting: Part 2 - Hellbenders and Hybrids

Previously, I wrote on the variable life histories of salamanders of North America, and now I’d like to dig deeper into two interesting species that reside in my home state, New York: the hellbender ( 1,915 more words

New York