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A stroll in Rifle Range, Singapore : The Barred Kukri snake : Oligodon signatus

When:  April 2014                                 Weather :  25C and hot

A night ramble in rifle range road, Singapore started off quietly……a few usual grasshoppers and spiders….

And as the night wore on, it looked as if it was going to be one of those quiet nights with nothing too dramatic..and then we saw it…just sitting on a concrete bollard in the middle of a conduit…..the rarely seen Barred Kukri snake…apparently only a handful of sightings ever in singapore/malaysia. 188 more words



I have a good friend that hates that word. Cloaca. She visibly cringes when she hears it. I think we all have those words we just don’t like. 519 more words

Dreaming of Snakes

A confusion of reality versus that of the imagined. In the coiled depths of my subconscious, the night was brimming with visions of vibrantly colored coral snakes and earthy toned pit-vipers weaving elegantly between my bare feet. 1,925 more words


Sunday Brunch

He is a bearded dragon, yet he eyes his food up like an eagle and wolfs it down with haste.  His jaws snap shut upon crisp lettuce, munching so fast that the camera’s shutter cannot do him justice.   82 more words


Snake season 2014 is now open

Our first snake sighting — at least of one near the house — happened on Wednesday.  A little water snake warming himself on the concrete road  that runs near the neighborhood pond. 96 more words

Cement Mixer

Alameda County Conservation Partnership: 2014 Alameda Striped Racer Workshop

This spring the Alameda County Conservation Partnership, together with the San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve Coastal Training Program, is sponsoring the Alameda Striped Racer Workshop… 102 more words

Natural History

Tortoises, Lizards and Other Reptiles by David Le Roi

This small paperback was first published by Nicholas Vane in 1958. It was reprinted in 1974 by Kaye & Wards in their Pets of Today series; the cover was changed. 439 more words