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The Small Town of Ambleside in Lake District, England

The beautiful scenery of Ambleside in Lake District, England.  It is truly picturesque, rolling hills, calm waters, and friendly people.  Both Andrew and I love small towns/villages in the countryside of England.   250 more words


Promised Month Review

Thanks for waiting!  Time has really gotten away from me, since my last post and really in this whole experiment.

At the time of this writing, all is going well. 624 more words


My Chair, Is Your Chair

Looks like she took over my work station. Not like I needed it anyway. 😉


Proposed Month Analysis

Okay, we’re a month into this experiment (+2 days because, you know, I’m slow) and I really want to take time to review how it’s going, what if anything we’ve learned so far, and anything we’re looking forward to. 84 more words


I've Got Luck - AVON Luck!

My love for fragrances began early at around age five or six when I would sneak into my mom’s room, lock myself in the bathroom and proceed to douse myself in my mom’s treasured fragrances. 530 more words


I'm Here

I had a major breakthrough just now, and I couldn’t wait to tell you all. It will be a bit difficult to explain and probably hard (if not impossible) for most of you to understand, really, if you’ve never experienced anything like what I’m about to say. 664 more words