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Happy Halloween

As if I needed an excuse to wear a skull skirt… Halloween sure is a good one!


(shop above: orange cardigan + leather skull crop + black floppy hat-Riffraff, denim-Pacsun, studded combat boots-Steve Madden)


Stay Rad

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I love to mix and match–colors, prints, textures, you name it. It’s the best part of fashion. It’s like putting together two puzzle pieces that don’t quite work but somehow you make them fit creating a look that is uniquely yours. 78 more words


Locals Do It Better

Fact: locals always do it better. I wasn’t always a Fayetteville local, but now that I’ve lived here for 4 years I guess that sort of makes me one. 97 more words


Sorry for the Silence

Ok, I don’t think I’ve ever admitted this before, but it’s probably not a secret to anyone who knows me: I basically live in my own little world, and I tune out anything that could cause confrontation or unrest there. 509 more words


Tag, You're It

Several weeks ago I had one of those horrible Friday nights. I was in a crabby mood. It was the end of a very long and difficult week. 327 more words


my side or the middle?

Day 2 (of 366.25)

Status report: exhausted.

Hi. I’m Becky, the other one of just two people. I debated (with myself) long and hard about what to share with my first post. 269 more words