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The Passion of Christ

The Passion of Christ… In reality was an act of complete obedience, selflessness, and unconditional love as the world had or will ever know again. 884 more words


The Girl Who Stopped Running

It began like a see-saw balanced on its fulcrum.

One might say it could have gone either way, but if you knew the whole story, 148 more words


My Song for Our America-- a Poetic Essay

I don’t call myself a poet, but yet I occasionally will write a poem. In honor of National Poetry Month, I will be publishing one or two of my works, and a couple of my daughter’s pieces (she IS a poet!). 910 more words

Roz Ayres-Williams

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Curiosity About Everything and the Language of the Goddess by Carol P. Christ

My recent discovery of Marija Gimbutas on Youtube rekindled my admiration for her work. In her slide-lecture “The World of the Goddess” Marija Gimbutas allows us to follow the line of reasoning she used to decipher the “language of the Goddess” in Old Europe. 876 more words


Spiritual illumination with Astrology

Several weeks ago I read an article on Mother Jones magazine’s Facebook page about the Millennial generation’s overwhelming belief in Astrology as true science. Sadly the article was written in an ignorant and dismissive way. 799 more words


Painting Maya Angelou by Angela Yarber

Author. Performer. Activist. Poet. Actress. Playwright. There are few others whose accomplishments are as prestigious, prolific, or expansive as Maya Angelou’s. I initially encountered her work in a ninth grade literature class. 757 more words


Happy New Year/Happy Goodbye

Songkran – The days allocated/celebrated as the first day of the year for many Asian countries. In places such as Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Cambodia, Lao and Burma Songkran (otherwise related to the Resurrection) is celebrated from 13-15th April, with some places starting on the 12th or ending on the 16th. 2,079 more words