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The Gift of Life

“They said it’s cancer,” my mom said on the other end of the line.

I got up from the table where I was playing ‘Princesses’ with the little girls I was babysitting and paced the hallway.  730 more words


The birds that don't sing

It was the end of the first year of my life in the pen (penitentiary); well that’s what attending a boarding school felt like. It wasn’t an open campus so I was confined within the premises of the oldest boarding school to date, Chemawa Indian School, in the same area with the same people doing the same routine every day.   1,488 more words

Creative Nonfiction

Herstory: Wangari Maathai, An Advocate of Democracy, Peace and the Environment

Political activist and environmentalist Wangari Maathai is an inspiring woman with an incredible dedication to all the worthy things: learning, family, her country and our planet. 1,185 more words

Herstory is personal.

I watched a documentary last night on Martha Gellhorn (b. 1908). She was a world renown journalist, war correspondent and novelist who reported on every major world conflict that took place during her 60-year career. 642 more words


Am I a Substitute?

so, as i have said. we have been really close and talked about a lot of things… he was feeling very down a few days back so i asked him what really happen.. 503 more words


Why I Wear My Mother's Robe

My mother died four years ago. Every morning I wake up, and without thinking I put on her robe. Of all the precious things she gave me; a sense of humor, a love of Mondays, her favorite ring and her golf shoes, it is her robe I love the most. 845 more words