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Women in Science - photographic history

Women in Science, complete with names and subject areas. Lets talk about more of us than just Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace and Rosalind Franklin.


The possibility of her

She asks to put on her doctor outfit. She listens to my heart, gives me a shot, starts a medical chart for me, asking how to spell Mommy. 142 more words


medicine people, new and old

As in times of old, the people went to the doctors for their ills. Yet, as time would have it, in keeping step with modern life, the face of the doctor has changed much. 482 more words

Creativity/ Inspiration

My Guardian


Aku kecil. Dengan baju dokter kecil. Upacara. Lalu tiba-tiba terbangun di UKS bawah tangga, dengan sesama dokter kecil yang sedang memijit kakiku. Aku pingsan, lagi. 218 more words


Baggage in Bags

 My family’s currently displaced.  More specifically, i’m displaced.  And i find myself lugging around suitcases filled with things i should’ve relinquished already; things that no longer fit.   353 more words


witches' medicine & the allopathic brotherhood

herstory .. how did medical profession get to be the way it is nowadays. 

last night i was doing research & came across the most ugly MDs with nary an open vesicle in their minds for other methods of training or healing. 513 more words

Soul Work