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I’m writing this post on a plane. My surroundings are as such: cold because as always the air I cannot reach is blowing full force onto my hands, I am obviously in the center seat because why wouldn’t I be (elbows pulled in tight to avoid light contact with strangers – because everyone who knows me knows I hate random light contact), the two strangers are both men that have decided to take naps and take over the armrests on both sides (lucky them – I am too excited to nap and to afraid of contact to take over the armrests), and in front of me is a tiny tv screen and a place to swipe your card. 1,090 more words

Graduate School

The Grad Job Market in UK - Not fully recovered despite drop in unemployment

The recent annual Destination of Leavers of Higher Education survey confirmed that graduates who left university last summer entered a rather better jobs market than their peers from the year before. 301 more words

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Internship News

There is a new federal law that mandates state-to-state authorization to receive credit for any educational activities including, but not limited to, internships.

As you know, the Higher Education Master’s Program requires a… 244 more words

Time Management in Graduate School

As I sit here with today’s first dose of caffeine and assessment scores waiting to be entered, I feel like I’m having a Jessie Spano… 464 more words

the sped arrow

Before I even begin my post I have to make a huge shout out to my men in Blue and Orange! I am extremely proud to be a Denver Broncos fan today as I sit in my desk in Indiana the morning after the Broncos beat the Colts. 1,133 more words

Graduate School

adjusting the draw weight

Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to get a grip on things. In fact, sometimes it seems impossible to get a grip on things. 

My supervisor uses a great statement to describe how my entire year is going to be in my assistantship, “we are building the plane as we are flying it.” For the purpose of my blog, I am going to take her words and manipulate them slightly to fit my theme. 819 more words

Graduate School

target practice

“An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward.” 

Literally, this statement is about a bow and arrow, the act of shooting the arrow. You pull it back in order to get the momentum necessary to make the arrow soar. 877 more words

Graduate School