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when your arrow has it's own target

Ever since I started on my graduate school journey, which was the day I decided to apply to graduate school in May of 2013, I have had people approaching me about this program. 1,163 more words

Graduate School

Sitting on my thumbs

All my personal statements are done. I’m sitting on my thumbs, too afraid to hit “submit” on those last couple of applications. I know I’ll be submitting the applications. 193 more words

New beginnings

The direction of this WordPress blog is changing. I haven’t posted on here in about a full calendar year, mostly because this WordPress was, in all honesty, made for the purposes of a class assignment that terminated last Spring. 606 more words

Getting to grips with educational data sources in the UK - and the NSS mini-case study

Skipping ahead to week 2 of #DALMOOC and some data wrangling. In one of the assignments (assignment56) George Siemens challenged us to go forth and find some educational data…so I did. 965 more words


Why Higher Ed...

So I was thinking the other day about what led me to a career in higher education. I began my time at North Carolina State University as a Mechanical Engineering and English double major. 411 more words

be the archer...

After a hiatus from my blogging I am back after attempting to watch Season 5 Episode 15 of Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I refreshed the page at least ten times and each time had the same error pop up on the screen… I am assuming Netflix is trying to tell me to get my happy self off of Netflix and do something with the “spare” time I have this fine evening. 1,097 more words

Graduate School


About a month ago one of the students I work with at Indiana University tried to convince me to do yoga with her. I laughed. A few days after her initial attempt she asked again and I said I would look at the schedule and might start once I got back from my trip to Colorado last month. 1,072 more words

Graduate School