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What If



1. (used interrogatively as a request for specific information): What is the matter?

2. (used interrogatively to inquire about the character, occupation, etc., of a person): What does he do?

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“Uncertainty is caused by a lack of knowledge. Hesitation is the product of fear.”
― Internet Archive

I picked my phone up this evening and started to compose a text with my pain and successes of the day, then my fingers hesitated over the send button. 125 more words


singing, in dreams

A week…

That’s how long it has taken me to write about the dream.
It lingered under my skin… spinning a layer of paralyzing hesitation down my fingers every time i’d go to write about it. 277 more words

Dear J

I Love Writing

It might seem odd to say I love to write considering how infrequently I post blogs but I love writing! I want to write about things that anger me and I want to write about things that make me happy. 289 more words


my new job

started a new job yet again..
the thing that i hate the most about starting to work at new places; you are all a stranger to a group of people getting along quite well (since all of them share same enemy). 194 more words


To be alive means to not know.

Nothing is exciting when I know what the outcome is going to be.

Just recently, I kept on wanting to know how things will play out. 205 more words