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Discretion is Important

We human beings are endowed with the gift of complex thinking, and are thus able to make decisions that other animals are incapable of making. And when we are making our decisions, an important factor that comes into play is discretion, for it is important to maintain a balance….especially in the social world that we live in…here is a small example of how discretion can come to the rescue…


the desperation of "trying"

Imagine, in a timeout, with only seconds left in the game, the Cavaliers coach asked Lebron James to take the final shot and Lebron’s response was, “OK coach, I’ll try.” 417 more words



Life and death..
are not mere two opposites..
They are only the reflection of each other..
They both come for you without hesitation and take you away with a single blow..



Life is a wonderful journey, there are various twists and turns, some roads reach a dead end and you take a U turn to find a new turn, you meet some who make the journey worthwhile, some makes you run faster to avoid them, some will make you run towards your dream and with some you’d just want to walk…as slowly as possible. 509 more words


English/Spanish Cognate of the Day


scruple n.- a feeling of doubt or hesitation with regard to the morality or propriety of a course of action.





I like this…

…but still, sometimes hesitation is just a pause for thought, a struggle to find the right words. Not everything flows from the mind easily.

He Said, She Said

Feel Me Feel You

I sat and stared into no where thinking about him, thinking about the way his body glistened as the water flowed over him from the shower head. 494 more words

Erotic Fantasy Life