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Obama's ISIS Strategy

Imagine if you will going back in time to before the D-Day invasion of France in World War 2.  Eisenhower gets before the press and notifies them all that the landing site of the invasion will be at Normandy.  64 more words


hesitation (or: goodbye hole, hello plain)

Some days, shedding is light-hearted and care-free. Other days, it’s hard work for head and heart. This one was tough. I began this entry over a week ago, and I’m wryly amused that it’s taken me days to finish drafting a post named “hesitation.” 495 more words


no mind




 the floating feather





Image courtesy Karin Taylor


Obama's Hesitation on Decision Making

What defines a great leader?  There are many definitions one can find, and they are a varied lot of pages that a quick Google search will find.  79 more words


Letting Go and Moving Foward

It seems like my blog is moving further and further away from what I started it for. I am debating about removing this and starting all over. 292 more words

"Light Struck"

Scurrying across the street
In a beam of light.
The taken moment
To decide
To keep running
Or if it is too late, 17 more words

       I would if I could, but I can’t.
You can if you try, but you wouldn’t.

–Negativity over positivity.

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